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  • Release date:
    September 3, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 27m
  • Cast:
    Dale DaBone|Nick Manning|Briana Banks|Slim Shady|Aimee Tyler|Savanna Samson|Honey Bunny|Rafe|Shauna Banks|Lezley Zen|Eric Price|Michelle Michaels|Toni Brooks|Jordan Perry|Bo Edwards

Despite the odd title (which seems to have nothing to do with the movie) and the weird synopsis on the box cover (also which seems to have little to do with the film), Swoosh turns out to be a pretty good Briana Banks title, that perhaps would have been better off being named "Orgy" – since Briana gets involved in a couple of them in the movie!

Briana plays a well-off wife who is married to rich big-wig Eric Price. Eric is throwing a big party out by the pool of his house, and he notices that Briana has dressed extra-sexy in a silver top and mini-skirt. But instead of screwing her right there and then, he taunts her with sexual stories – asking her how much she'd like to get fucked by a bunch of big cocks. Briana can't stand the teasing and starts to masturbate vigorously in front of Eric.

By the time Briana makes it out back to join in on the party, she's already wearing a strap-on with a big jelly dildo on the end! Not to worry, though, since everyone out back is already hot and horny and getting it on with someone else at the party. Briana first joins performers Hunny Bunny and Jordan Perry, and allows Hunny to suck on her dildo. After a while, Briana moves over to another couple, played by Aimee Tyler and Slim Shady. Aimee eventually moves over to Eric Price and Michelle Michaels for a threesome with them – while Briana stays behind to get it on with Slim.

After the orgy action has completed, we find Ms. Banks back in the kitchen of her house looking to make herself a screwdriver. But there's no orange juice in the refrigerator, so Briana hops in the car (still wearing her strap-on!) and heads off to the store. However, she has an accident along the way and crashes her car – leaving her stranded. Making her way to a nearby house, Briana peeks in and sees blonde-haired Savanna Samson and Nick Manning making out on their bed. Briana watches the action, but gets busted by a pair of cops (Lezley Zen and Dale DaBone) patrolling the neighborhood.

But, believe it or not, the two cops decide to join Briana, Nick and Savanna in this film's second orgy, which has Nick both screwing and using a nightstick on Lezley's tight pussy, while Dale, Savanna and Briana engage in a three-way on the other side of the room. Just at the point where most viewers may be thinking that police work is a pretty good way to make a living, it is revealed that the orgy is merely a fantasy that is taking place inside Briana's head, and back in the real world, she is being taken to the police station.

Once at the police station, Briana is asked to strip, which of course reveals the fact that she is still wearing the strap-on. Officer Lezley Zen seems disgusted at first, but a few minutes later takes girlfriend Shauna Banks (no relation to Briana) over to Briana's holding cell for an all-girl threesome. In this scene, it is Lezley who dons the strap-on, pounding both to Briana and Shauna at different points in the scene. But alas, once again we find out that this is all just a fantasy in Briana's mind and not actually taking place.

Eric finally shows up to get Briana out of jail, but as she picks up her personal items from Officer Zen (i.e. one strap-on dildo!), she notices Eric making out with Shauna in the other room, with her giving him a blowjob and Eric pumping her missionary style before pulling out and squirting all over her body. Yep – you guessed it! Briana is fantasizing once again! However, having a wife that dreams about sex this often can't be that bad of a thing, can it?

Swoosh is one of those rare adult movies that is shot on film instead of video, which gives the movie a more professional look, although it does suffer from occasional dirt and grain on the print. The audio is reasonably well done, although the dialogue seems somewhat low compared with the rest of the soundtrack. Those looking for some neat bonus features should enjoy the five bonus scenes on this disc which are taken from other Vivid releases – and three of which feature Briana (the other two are lesbian scenes, one with Asia Carrera and Corinne Williams, and the second with Cheyenne Silver and April). Other extras include a 25-minute behind the scenes featurette, a pair of slide shows, trailers, and multiple angles for the sex scenes in the movie (with an icon indicator that can be switched on or off depending on the viewer's preference).

Of all the Briana Banks titles I've seen, this one ranks above average. You probably won't be able to make much sense of the story, but the sex is intense and fun to watch, and should hold up to repeat viewings.


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