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Adult Time/Pure Taboo’s Watching You

  • Release date:
    May 4, 2021
  • Runtime:
    1 hr 40 mins
  • Cast:
    Avi Love, Jake Adams, Kenna James, Tommy Pistol

The Voyeurism Rules In Watching You

Men finds themselves drawn to extremes by beautiful women in these scenes originally featured on Adult Time's Pure Taboo channel.

Avi Love is happy to have had her ex-boyfriend wiped out of her laptop by tech guy Tommy Pistol. Her ex cheated on her and she just wants all of him out of her life. Love ends up being more than a little upset when she finds out that there is a bunch of nude pics of her and a fake dating profile up of her. On top of that, the webcam on her laptop turns off and on without her being able to control it. Her ex-boyfriend tells Love that he is not responsible for any of these things and she does not believe him. Love then sees Pistol in his car on the street outside of her home. Pistol says that he does not want any trouble and that it is in her best interests to listen to her because he could ruin her life. Love lets him into her home where he admits to taking her images from her laptop. He is tired of being asked to erase hot women's memories of their past relationships. He ends up blackmailing her for sex which he says is a one time thing. Love looks fucking great sucking his cock here and she looks damn pretty riding him in reverse cowgirl. Pistol is more than a little wishy-washy about destroying those pics after they fuck and the scene ends with Love taking a baseball bat to her laptop in frustration.

Painfully shy introvert Jake Adams finds himself completely attracted to and infatuated by his new teen stepsister Kenna James and her ridiculously hot body. James is friendly and affectionate with him and he overhears her pumping herself up for get fucked by someone that he believes to be him. He gets advice on how to date her from his mom Mindi Mink who is not aware that he is taking the advice to try to get with her new stepdaughter James. Adams invites James to his bedroom when the two are home alone together. Adams throws her down on his bed and kisses her. James rejects him in a big way, laughing at him and telling him that there is no fucking way she would ever be with him. Adams is humiliated and James realizes that she has taken her meanness way too far and Adams is just a clueless virgin who got bad advice about how to get a woman. James goes ahead and takes Adams' virginity with some hot taboo action. She looks so good taking charge of the fuck and riding him here.

The DVD includes a still gallery of each scene and trailers for other Adult Time releases.  You can also watch these scenes over at Adult Time.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Adult Time.


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