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Adult Time/Pure Taboo’s Freely Given

  • Release date:
    December 28, 2022
  • Runtime:
    1h 29m
  • Cast:
    Alexia Anders, Lila Lovely, Ryan McLane, Derrick Pierce

Women find themselves pushed by circumstances to have unexpected sexual encounters in the two great scenes here that are featured on Adult Time's Pure Taboo channel and are directed by Kay Brandt and David Lord.

Sweet Christian teen Alexia Anders meets with mentor Ryan McLane who praises her about how hard she has been studying and by how much she just seems to be so devoted to the Lord. McLane has Anders join him in a closed-up, empty classroom alone, in a room usually used by another teacher who is currently away at a Bible camp. Once they are alone, McLane explains that they all have done their best to instruct her in the ways of their God so that she can live a holy life. Anders is eighteen years old now and McLane is concerned that the school will not be able to protect her from the evils of the world much longer. Anders confirms that she is a virgin, saving herself for marriage. McLane fears that pure Anders will be a target for the unholy who will want to sully her and take her virginity. McLane claims that his God has told him to deflower Anders so that no one else can. Anders is excellent as an innocent virgin here, playing up the newness of the sensations in her body in the role and enjoying the hell out of her older teacher's cock. The fuck is paced well and Anders is hot as fuck.

Hardworking Lila Lovely is happily married to Dan Ferrari, however the two just do not seem to make time for lovemaking anymore. Lovely comes up with a solution that she read about in a magazine, that using a "trigger word" as a cue that it is time to have sex with each other might help them get their intimacy back on track. Ferrari and Lovely agree to give using the word "chance" as the trigger word and well, the whole plan seems to work. The two are happy, having a lot more sex, are a lot more loving and supportive with each other and  overall seem to be doing great. Lovely ends up in her office at work with plans to have dinner and a great night with her husband at home but then things go a smidge wrong. Lovely ends up hearing her trigger word, which makes her horny as heck. The only person around is office janitor Derrick Pierce so it is his very lucky day. Rubbing one out does not help Lovely and she gets super embarrassed when he walks in on her taking care of her needs. Lovely needs to get fucked hard and well and Pierce definitely gets that job done in this great scene. Lovely looks incredible here and wow, I hope we get more awesome BBW scenes like this one from Adult Time in 2023.

The DVD includes a still gallery for each scene, and trailers for other Adult Time releases. You can also watch these scenes online on the Adult Time website.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Adult Time.


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