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Adult Time/Pure Taboo’s Corrupting Her Innocence

  • Release date:
    August 3, 2021
  • Cast:
    arietta Adams, Gia Paige, John Strong, Steve Holmes

Young women find themselves in the clutches of lecherous older men in these scenes featured on Adult Time's Pure Taboo channel.

Babysitter Arietta Adams is taking care of AVN Hall of Famer John Strong's kids while he is out for the evening and his wife is out of town on business. Adams has a big paper to work on but she forgot to bring her laptop. Strong offers to loan her his. When Adams goes to use the laptop, she is more than a little freaked out to find a porn video right there playing when she opens it. Adams is a bit down the next time she sees Strong and it's because Adams' boyfriend is dumping her. Strong asks her if she has had sex with him and Adams shares that she has not. Adams is a virgin and the next time she sees Strong, he is wearing nothing but a towel. Adams had sex with her boyfriend but he still dumped her. Naked Strong asks her a bunch of questions that make Adams more than a little freaked out. He manipulates her into begging him to teach her how to have better sex so she won't get dumped again. Adams plays the ingenue learned how to suck dick really well, her eyes wide and her pigtails in place as she uses her tongue on Strong's balls and asshole. Strong transforms her into a throat, pussy and ass fucked wonder. It's a solid anal scene and the roleplay definitely works well in it.

Gia Paige and her fiance visit Paige's family's priest played by AVN Hall of Famer Steve Holmes in his office and ask Holmes to officiate their wedding per Paige's parents' wishes. Paige ends up talking to Holmes privately, sharing that she has been unfaithful to her fiance after a fight. Paige wants forgiveness for her sins but Holmes is not sure that she is actually all that sorry. Holmes offers her absolution in exchange for her giving herself sexually to him. Paige is outraged and disgusted that her family priest wants this from her but she goes along with what he wants her to do. He gropes her a whole lot. She pretends to be embarrassed and angry about what happens here while also giving a great fucking show, letting the much older and very hung man fuck her mouth and her pussy.

The DVD includes a still gallery of each scene and trailers for other Adult Time releases. You can also watch these scenes online over at Adult Time.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Adult Time.