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Adult Time/Pure Taboo’s Any Friend Of My Daughter’s….

  • Release date:
    August 16, 2022
  • Runtime:
    1h 37m
  • Cast:
    Alina Lopez, Dick Chibbles, Mona Blue, Renato

Zsolt Abraham and Craven Moorehead direct these two well-performed scenes where teen girls end up having sex with much older, devious men.

Mona Blue is spending the night at her new nest friend Ophelia Dust's place where Blue meets her friend's definitely friendly dad Renato. Dust's mom is out of town so Renato is home alone with the girls and he most definitely has his eye on Blue. Dust gets in a little tiff with her dad about how terrible his cooking is after he made dinner for the three of them. Renato pretends to drop his fork so that he can look up Blue's skirt from under the dinner table while the girls chat about a party that they are both going to and what they are going to wear. Renato opens Dust's bedroom door and jerks his cock for a while as she watches the teens sleep. Blue wakes up to find Renato in bed next to her. She is only in a tee and a pair of panties and he is only wearing a tee with nothing covering his hard cock. He tells her to keep quiet and guides her hand to his erection, having her stroke him and stay quiet so that Dust will not wake up. He ends up taking her out of that tee and gently kisses her stomach and her firm tits. He gives Blue some pussy licking while she quietly and convincingly watching him  with a nervous but still turned on look on her face. He stands on the bed and guides his cock into a nervous Blue's mouth who strokes him and she takes his rod into her pretty face. He quietly moans about how lovely she is as she sucks her cock, telling her that she is such a naturally lovely girl. Blue quietly and still nervously gets fucked by her friend's dad while her friend keeps snoozing. He tells her how nice her pussy is as she watches him penetrate her as she struggles to stay quiet as she takes his daddy dick. The scene has such a real feel to it in how gritty and non-glammed up it is. if you like this kind of setup, you will adore this. He puts his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet when he fucks her harder. H eeventually shoots his load across her pubic mound.

Beautiful teen Alina Lopez is more than a little nervous about the sick deal that she has made with Dick Chibbles. She has agreed to let him impregnate her so that he can have a daughter of his own and he has paid for her younger brother to go to the special school that he needs. Lopez is locked in Chibbles' home all day, kept away from all of her family and friends. We definitely get the sense that she does not want to keep having sex with him but she keeps her end of the bargain for her brother and her family. He makes her encourage him to cum inside of her in the foreplay that is all for his benefit and not for her pleasure in the slightest. She sucks his cock like he tells her to and she is made to apologize for asking to leave the room that he keeps her in. He forgives her and gives her extra pussy licking to help her with the fatigue that she feels from being kept captive by him. In the middle of their fucking, officer Aiden Ashley arrives to ascertain that Lopez is there of her own free will. Lopez reassures the cop while she is there but slips a note in Ashley's purse to get help. Meanwhile, Chibbles is angry that the cops came to check on her so the sex is rougher that when they first started. He roughly throat fucks her and spits on her pussy to get her wet before their rough creampie sex that is all about his pleasure and the lies he wants her to tell him about much she loves getting fucked by him. The bit where Ashley discover the note in her purse is but into the scene twice, probably by a lack of attention in production somewhere. Too bad.

The DVD includes a still gallery of each scene and trailers for other Adult Time productions.  You can also watch all of these scenes online over at Adult Time right now.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Adult Time.