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Adult Time/Nuru Massage’s Competing For Attention

  • Release date:
    May 9, 2023
  • Runtime:
    1h 50m
  • Cast:
    Aiden Ashley, Isiah Maxwell, London River, McKenzie Lee, Nathan Bronson, Paige Owens, Sheena Ryder, Victoria Voxxx

Joanna Angel, Gus Delario, and David Lord direct these very hot massage-themed threeway fuck scenes that are all featured on Adult Time's Nuru Massage channel.

Fleshbot's Best Total Package winner Isiah Maxwell and his beautiful wife McKenzie Lee are celebrating their anniversary on their living room's Big White Porno Couch when there is a knock at the door. Masseuse Sheena Ryder is there at the door because Maxwell has arranged for her to get a massage as an anniversary gift. What Lee is not ready for is how erotic the massage turns out to be with them both being naked and Lee having Ryder rub her tits all over her back while they both are coated with the Nuru massage gel. Maxwell enjoys watching his wife get this special rubdown. Lee gets nervous by how aroused she is and stops the massage. Ryder encourages Lee not to worry if everything feels right, and this leads to the three having some hot threeway fun on Maxwell's hard cock. Love rules and this threeway starts off with the two MILFs tribbing. Maxwell gets to join in on the massage fun with the women covering him in nuru gel in the excellent fuck scene. Lee looks phenomenal here with her big tits bouncing while she enjoys Maxwell's cock and all of Ryder's lusty attentions. Masseuses Aiden Ashley and Victoria Voxxx commiserate between massages about how weird and bad their past week's clients have been as they wait for their next clients together. They talk about clients who have shown up really dirty and super hairy, and they don't understand why these men are not showing up having taken better care of themselves. New client Nathan Bronson walks through the door and he is none of the things that they have a problem with. They both want him as a client, and Ashley gets him naked and into her room as fast as she can. Voxxx interrupts the massage, telling Ashley that she has a phone call and offering to take over. Voxxx peels out of her clothes in a flash while Ashley is away so that she can get her hands and her body all over Bronson. Ashley takes the massage back over, telling Voxxx that her car's alarm is going off. Ashley looks incredible with the gel all over her tanned body while she massages Bronson. When Voxxx comes back, she gets a view of Bronson's erection and tells Ashley she is going to report her for getting sexual with a client. Ashley then offers to share a happy and hard Bronson with Voxxx, and all is immediately well as the three get their nuru threeway on. The women kiss and get super slick with the gel as they enjoy sucking the living bejesus out of lucky Bronson's rod. Voxxx looks fucking gorgeous riding Bronson's dick in this and Ashley is all about getting them both off a ton. Ashley and Voxxx grind on and rub each other a lot while they share Bronson's hard cock super well with lots of stack fucking happening in this.

Paige Owens is super bummed that she has been asked to take over an afternoon appointment at the family's massage parlor by her masseuse stepmom London River. River explains that she has some errands to take care of for her wedding anniversary with her husband/Owens' dad. When client Maxwell walks through the door of the business, Owens is instantly attracted to Maxwell and suddenly has no problem giving up her afternoon to work on him at all. River tells Owens to go ahead and leave and the two end up screaming at each other over him. He proposes a four-handed massage special so the two angry women end up working on Maxwell together. They get naked at the same time and keep fighting over him. River rubs her naked body on his back and Owens works her body on him while he is face up. When River starts blowing Maxwell and calling it a relaxation technique, Owens joins in with the three sharing and loving Maxwell's rock-hard cock. This was a fabulous day at work for Maxwell with River just excelling at taking his cock balls deep down her throat, and now-retired star Owens looks fucking all coated in gel and rubbing her clit while she gets fucked in doggie. River and Owens give each other just a ton of head while they are getting fucked in this scene.

The DVD includes a still gallery of each scene in this, and trailers for other Adult Time releases.  You can also watch all of these scenes over at Adult Time.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Adult Time.

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