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Internal Cumbustion 18

  • Release date:
    February 22, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 13m
  • Cast:
    Adrianna Nicole|Aubrey Addams|Maya Hills|Danny Case|Jayden Jaymes


Internal Cumbustion 18 (AKA: Internal Cumbustion Cream Pies 18)

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Creampie, Gonzo

Director: Danny Case

Cast: Adrianna Luna, Derrick Pierce, Jayden Jaymes, Mark Wood, Aubrey Addams, Tommy Pistol, Cameron Dee/Embry Prada, Anthony Rosano, Maya Hills, John Strong

Length: 133:06 minutes


Date of Production: 2012

Extras: There were trailers and a photogallery but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Internal Cumbustion 18 was released in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Danny Case for Zero Tolerance. The lighting was good and the editing helped make the scenes enhance the appeal of the attractive cast of ladies, some care provided to fluidly capture the gals in different angles while keeping their fleshtones accurate. I haven’t seen a lot of Danny’s works of late but he has long brought something to the table as director, these scenes proving he has not lost his touch. The aural qualities of the production were basic enough though (in monaural), the vocals easily heard and no obvious looping included, the music relegated to the credits and such but the overall handled fine.


Body of Review: Danny Case has been a fixture in porn on both sides of the camera for years now, his directing at companies such as Zero Tolerance winning various awards. His latest release coming in for review is called Internal Cumbustion 18, the popular series dedicated to the act of males ejaculating their genetic juice into the pussies or asses of their female partners at the end of their scenes together. I’ve watched a few volumes of the series and came to the conclusion that some of the creampies seemed faked when the camera cut away at the last moment or when BTS footage showed some hanky-panky going on (no surprise that there was no such footage included here, yes?) but movie magic and special effects aside, a lot of very hot women have graced the series over the years so I’m good regardless. The back cover described the movie like this: “Your favorite creampie cuties are back and their motors are running hot! So check your lines and hoses because it's time for some internal combustion! These gals want to be topped up to the top with a nice hot load to squeeze out slow, so put the pedal to the metal and pump full steam ahead!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Adrianna Luna, an exotic hotty many believed was a frontrunner for performer of the year last month, was up first in some skimpy black bikini undies as she teased, masturbated, and stripped on a white couch. The director intrusively instructed her as to what actions to take but she looked good doing them, tattooed Derrick Pierce joining her to gobble her gash as she spread her legs for him. His actions elicited a stream of moans from her, most of them seemingly real, Adrianna easing down onto the floor to kneel before him and slob his knob aggressively. She rubbed herself as she inhaled his pecker, applying some hand to gland friction to enhance his experience as her head bobbed back and forth, the gal actively riding his cock vaginally in a variety of positions while he fingered her ass. They stopped for her to taste test his rod and allow him to rim her, soon moving back to bumping uglies for several more minutes, her tits bouncing in the missionary position before they were zoomed in on to find the vaginal creampie leaving his genetic juice inside of her. Due to the last moment camera change, I could not verify how real the “internal combustion” this was, the baby batter looking real enough that I would have avoided helping her clean it off.


Scene Two: Jayden Jaymes, a deliciously curvy hotty with black hair and a seductive air about her, was up next with Mark Wood as she followed the formula. She wore skimpy black panties and a red top, her ass more perfect now than ever before. She pulled her panties down just below her sweet ass crack, her wonderfully beautiful eyes mesmerizing as she pulled out the twins to flick her nipples and show her front was as desirable as her rear assets. She shook her moneymaker gently as the director commented, he sounded like he was jerking off he was so into her act. The large bed was the perfect place for her to peel off her soaked panties and she did so, sniffing them and putting them in her mouth like Danny wanted to do. She masturbated and appeared to enjoy her own juices, Mark entering in to stuff his face into her ass for rimming as well as savor her pussy while she was in doggy. They kissed and she went down on him actively enough, throating his pecker easily but also teasing the tip with her tongue to stimulate his senses. Jayden nibbled his nuts and then climbed onto his dick to aggressively ride it vaginally, her ass moving rapidly as she pumped up and down on the turgid member. She then sat on his face as he ate her out again, both doing additional oral until vaginally plowing again, the camera again moving outside the realm of the pussy with cock inside for too long to signify the result wad of population pudding oozing out of her was really semen.


Scene Three: Aubrey Addams, a perky little blond cutie that has been around a surprisingly long time given her youthful looks, was up next with tattooed Tommy Pistol. Aubrey had on a very sheer white bikini (with a piece of material attaching the two pieces), Aubrey’s smile lighting up the shaded room as she pranced about confidently. Her lean figure looked good but as expected, I focused most of my attention on her alluring eyes and sexy ass, her relatively new implants not really my type of thing. In any case, her patchwork high heels seemed out of place but she was gorgeous, the gal being called over to the expansive black couch by Danny, causing her to laugh. She sprawled out on it to continue her tease and solo portion of the scene, his whispers unnecessary as she was a veteran to this kind of thing too. Aubrey looked as pink and fresh as ever while diddling her mostly shaven snatch, the growing moistness tasted as Tommy entered the picture. He ate her pussy and ass, tonguing her bunghole and biting her ass cheeks while digging for something inside. Aubrey then reciprocated with a healthy hummer, holding his base while working the shaft orally but applying some hand to gland combat as needed too. Once readied, she climbed onto his cock vaginally and gyrated while doing all the work for him, impaling herself soundly as she took him inside of her cooch. While her eye contact with Tommy was modest at best, they seemed to be on the same wavelength in terms of what to do, more oral and vaginal penetration leading to the most believable vaginal creampie of the show as he dosed her with spunk both inside and around her snatch.


Scene Four: Cameron Dee/Embry Prada, the wonderfully sexy blond featured on the front cover, was up next wearing her enhancing cover lingerie. She teased in a contemporary living room slowly, the generic music not getting in the way of the action. The camera zoomed in a fair amount as she continued, the lean babe soon masturbating on the huge white couch as her deliciously pink pussy came into view. The trimmed snatch was appealing but her crazy fine ass was even better, Anthony Rosano coming in to work with her as he whispered to her during some kissing. He took off his shirt and pants to gobble her gash, Cameron putting on a fair performance as to enjoying the moment, rewarding him with a hand assisted blowjob as she became increasingly active during the hummer. Her tan figure looked so out of his league by this point that she crawled away, his pale skin contrasting heavily as he began to tap into her pussy while she guided him in. I admit that her ass and legs would likely cause me to lose it a lot faster than Anthony, even her passive initial positions showing her visual appeal. They did more oral and she then positioned on his lap, the gal putting more effort into the ride to save the scene for me, the ending vaginal creampie believable enough as his modest round of splooge slowly oozed out of her.


Scene Five: Maya Hills, the exotic looking Alaskan gal back in porn, was up last as she danced in the living room wearing a black bikini as a wall of windows allowed a lot of light to pour down on her. I remember when she first entered porn and gave some of the best performances, her skills a bit rusty of late but well within reason compared to some of the flavor of the week types brand new to the business. That said, she teased with her implants more than anything, the music ending and Danny directing her to show off her splendid ass more as he captured it from a variety of angles. Her pussy was bald and she started to do some solo work but a quick edit stopped it, Maya blowing John Strong right as he walked up to her with a boner. Her oral did not miss a beat here, the gal drooling on it to lubricate the erection, some hand work applied but Maya preferring more mouth than hand on delivery. From there the couple vaginally fucked, Maya riding him nicely as he slid so easily inside of her goodies. She sucked him off a few more times between positions, the camera not moving or showing any obvious edit points when he blasted a nut of ball batter inside of her.

Summary: Internal Cumbustion 18 by director Danny Case for Zero Tolerance had five scenes starring appealing ladies such as Adrianna Luna, Cameron Dee, Jayden Jaymes, Maya Hills, and of course Aubrey Addams, each providing some stroke value and replayability for fans and newcomers to porn alike. While I could not definitively state that each tryst included a true creampie (versus a faked one), the illusion of them was upheld enough to merit a rating of Recommended under most standards. In short, Internal Cumbustion 18 offered up what it advertised and did so in such a fashion that the raincoater crowd should be impressed so give this one a look if you like watching a nut busted inside a pussy, especially such quality pussy as mentioned above.


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