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I Want to Fuck You… in the Kitchen

  • Release date:
    October 15, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 7m
  • Cast:
    Adriana|Alain Deloin|Chris Charming|Csoky Ice|Sandra Shine|Steve Holmes|Michelle Wild|Krisztina Bella|Angela|Leslie Taylor|Magalie|Sylvia Anderson|Vanessa Desiree|Philippe Soine|Gabriella Wolf|Patricia Pallona

I Want To Fuck You…In The Kitchen (The Best Of Private #49)


Genre: Compilation

Director: varied by scene (but usually Kovi)

Cast: Kristina Bella, Michelle Wild, Chris Charming, Leslie Taylor, Adriana, Sylvi Anderson, Vanessa Desiree, Steve Holmes, Angela, Magalie, Alain Deloin, Sandra Shine, Patricia Pallona, Liza, Choky Ice, Melanie, Gabriella Wolf, Philippe Soine

Length: 127.5 minutes

Date of Production: varied by scene

Extra's: trailers, production notes, photogallery, cast biographies, double sided dvd cover, various subtitles and languages

Audio/Video Quality: In almost all of the scenes, the picture was presented in the industry standard of 1.33:1 ratio full frame but there was a bit of widescreen taking place too. What I was happy to see was that even older scenes where the source material in the original movies was nicely cleaned up and looked great as a result. I knew they could do it, now they just need to go back and do it to their entire catalog. I saw only a hint of grain and video noise, which made me happy. The audio was presented in a variety of languages but even the English stereo channel was dubbed in most cases (and dubbed badly). Overall, the picture looked great and the audio sounded about average.

Body of Review: Many companies release compilations these days. It's a fact of life that they are cheap to make since you don't have to pay anyone and the potential benefits are tremendous for a company trying to improve its profit margins. One company that has a better than average track record with compilations is Private. To date, I've noticed they often include a lot of fuck for the buck and clean up visual problems more often than not when releasing a compilation. That said, the latest in their long line of compilations is I Want To Fuck You…In The Kitchen which I believe is their 49th compilation. In this DVD, the scenes all take place in or near a kitchen and the heat was actually pretty good. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by original movie, date of production, director and cast, noting that no condoms were used here:

Scene One: Reality 9: 11/00: D-Kovi: Kristina and Michelle, took on Chris and Leslie in the kitchen (of course) after Leslie fixed the sink pipes. Getting his own pipes cleaned by the gals in a wife-swapping scenario rewarded him. There was a bit of anal with a DP but most of the sex was oral and straight. Not a bad scene but too short for the cast and myself to enjoy fully.

Scene Two: Julia: 12/99: D-Kovi: Adriana and Sylvi did Leslie in the dining room beside the kitchen. It started off with him getting frisky and then the gals teamed up to show him a good time. One of the gals took a technical DP but otherwise the sex was primarily oral and straight. It was also kind of warm to watch.

Scene Three: Anal Psycho-Analysis: 7/01: D-Jean Yves Lecastel: Vanessa and Steve had a scene in a small diner's kitchen while they waited for the cook to prepare their meal. She's a brunette with a very lean body and he's well known enough that I shouldn't have to describe him. This was a fairly long scene and had a lot of oral and anal with ATM. I liked how he used what was available as a lubricant since cooking oil is great in a pinch. Foot fetish viewers will appreciate that he played with her feet a bunch although I'd rather do her in her pussy or ass. Warm!

Scene Four: Tatiana 3: 8/97: D-Pierre Woodman: Angela and Magalie, did Alain in this scene from the popular feature (that I really didn't like all that much when I reviewed it). It looked much better here and the fact that the cropped it to a widescreen ratio really didn't bother me much since it was cleaned up (the grain and video noise from the movie are now gone). There was mostly straight sex with lots of oral but a bit of anal too.

Scene Five: Reality 6: 9/01: D-Kovi: Michelle, Patricia, and Sandra had a scene in a large commercial kitchen where they were decorating a pie and spill frosting on one another. They then cleaned each other up the old fashioned way. Yum!

Scene Six: Guns & Rough Sex: 9/01: D-Kovi: Liza and Patricia had fun with Choky as they cooked up a plan to get off with his help. There was some anal but most of the sex was straight with oral. It wasn't a bad scene but limited by the actions of the cast.

Scene Seven: Private XXX 8: 4/99: D-Kovi: Melanie and Steve had a scene in a residential kitchen. She's never been a favorite of mine but I really liked her fishnet body stocking and she seemed to have fun with him. Even the anal sex looked good this time in a warm scene.

Scene Eight: Cape Town 2: 12/95: D-Pierre Woodman: Gabriella and Philippe had a scene in a small kitchen when he took her over his knee. I thought she looked great here and she rode him pretty hard at times. When he took her anally, she started to wince but got into it before too long and that made it fun to watch.

Summary: I'm going to give this one a rating of Highly Recommended since the combination of attractive women, lots of sex with a variety too, and the improved technical aspects made it one that I feel confident suggesting to you readers. If you want a lot of fuck for your buck, you'd do well to at least check this one out and have some fun with.



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