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Latin Hoochies

  • Release date:
    October 8, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 1m
  • Cast:
    Tyce Bune|Rick Masters|Domino|Dynamite|Matt Bixel|Mercedes Ashley|John West|Ice|Adam Wilde|Jack Spade|Carmen (II)|Vanessa (III)|Rick Davis|Dale Jordan

Latin Hoochies

Genre: Compilation

Cast: See scenes.

Length: 2hrs

Extras: A "Slide Show". Also has a screen that lists the
Company Info & a separate one for Cherry Boxxx Picture's website.

Audio/Video Quality: Full frame. The picture was sharp and consistent
with a well-lit "Shot On Video" production. The sound quality was
similar to what would be accomplished with a camcorder too.

Here's the play-by-play:

Scene One [featuring Mercedes Ashley]: Let me be as simple as
possible. Mercedes is NASTY. It's not a bad nasty either...it's the good kind.
She begins with a little "pillow talk" to the camera while doing a
little manual stimulation. After she does away with the pink top and skirt
[hiked up, of course], she gets down to business as she's joined by her
"white boy". He immediately heads for the spot between her thighs [smart
]. There's a minute or so of this, before Mercedes gets on all fours to
return the favor. While she's doing this, the camera pans back every-so-often so
you can see Mercedes from head to toe while she's working the gringo over. I
have to say that I appreciated this -- those claustrophobic, gynecological shots
don't do much for me [no pun intended]. So then Mercedes gets on her
back, spreads her legs, and the fun begins. Missionary ensues for a bit, until
they do it "perrito" style.  We get some more missionary, some
oral and then Mercedes rides for a bit until the scene ends with a weak shot to
the mouth. [HE was weak, definitely NOT her]

To sum up this scene: Mercedes [Sexy + Nasty] + A DESIRE to please + a lot of
bedroom talk = a HOT scene. This is a good way to start the disc..

Scene Two [featuring Ice]: Ice is sitting on a bed before she introduces
herself. She's a sexy latina with thick lips [on her face], sexy eyes,
thick thighs, & long brown hair. Like Mercedes, there's a few seconds of her
stimulating herself. Then, the dude walks in. Ice quickly gives those lips a
workout [again, the ones on her face]. He returns the favor. After some
time, he bends her over for some doggy style. I have to say, she looked very
attractive at the beginning, but she looked even hotter on her knees. She then
gets on top to ride [facing both ways], pausing only to lube him up. We
get some missionary before the scene ends with a shot to the mouth. Not as weak
as the guy before, but close.

Scene Three [featuring Domino]: Domino, yet another cute latina with long
press on nails, thick lips, sexy eyes & silver hot pants, begins the scene
the same as the other two hotties [I think i'm beginning to see a pattern
]. Then, the slab of meat appears. A little oral sex [and I MEAN little]
happens before he has Domino bent over the arm of the couch and is hitting it
from the back. He puts her long hair to good use too. The positions change, she
gets on top for a bit [stopping only to lube him] and the scene ends with
some missionary and then a shot to the mouth.

Scene Four [featuring Vanessa]: Guess how this scene begins? If you guess
the same as the other two...DING DING! You're right! This time it's
"Vanessa". A latina with a tight, small ass, auburn hair & thick
lips. After some solo stuff with 'nessa, we get some oral between her and the
slab. Then some intercourse. She rides, stops and lubes, rides some more. Then
we have some missionary, some doggy and the finishing shot to the mouth.

Scene Five [featuring Carmen]: OK. Now, i've searched around on the 'net,
but since she uses a "generic" name, I can't confirm...but i'm almost
POSITIVE that Carmen is NOT latina. Anyways, she's fairly attractive. The [obvious]
silicone does nothing for me, even the appearance of tanlines don't help. Don't
get me wrong. She's FAR from ugly, I guess i'm just being grumpy since it's my
belief she isn't latina. SO...the scene is the same as the others above. Oral,
missionary, doggy, more missionary [with some oral thrown in for good measure]
and the requisite shot to the face err...chin. Out of the five
girls so far, she seemed to be the least "into it".

Scene Six [featuring Dynamite]: And lastly, we have Dynamite. First of
all, i'm just not feeling the Princess Leia hairdo she's sportin. Nor do that
big BAGS under her eyes help bring out her beauty. Gotta admit though, she has
some nice thighs. Anyways, SURPRISINGLY, this scene doesn't begin like the
others. She has no time to work herself over since a penis is shoved directly
into her mouth. She doesn't even have time to get her clothes off. After a
couple minutes of this, he spreads her legs open and gets between for some
missionary. While the scene didn't START like the rest, it plays out like the
rest. After the missionary, we get some more oral, she rides [facing both
], more missionary and the shot to the face. Even though Dynamite seems
to be really into it [not as much as Mercedes though], I
can't recommend this scene.

Summary: The "Porn-By-Numbers" aspect of each scene kinda
bothered me. And I was surprised by the lack of  background music [a
pleasant surprise
]. But, out of the six scenes, four of them are keepers and
chances are, you won't even be able to make it to the last two [if you know what
I mean...nudge, nudge, wink, wink...] This is the first Cherry Boxxx
production i've seen/reviewed. I was very impressed with the first four
actresses, camera shots/angles used & the sharpness of the picture.

Add all this up, and you get a Recommended. Since there was a 4:2
ratio as far as scene quality, I didn't feel comfortable giving it a Highly
. However, if there were a rating in between the two, it most
assuredly would've been rated that.


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