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20 & Natural

  • Release date:
    July 25, 2003

20 & Natural
Dreamland USA

Director: Cash Markman

Date of Production: 11/11&14/2002

Length: 1 hour 19 minutes

Genre: Gonzo

Cast: Aurora Snow, Cindy Crawford, Angel Long, Jackie Moore, Trixie Kelly,
Randy Spears, Kyle Stone, Talon, Eric Masterson, Rafe

Video/Audio: The video is presented in 1.33:1 color and varies
from horrible to just ok. The image shifts from fairly crisp to very soft during
the scenes.
Audio is presented in stereo. In a few of the outdoor scenes the wind noise
got really bad. The terrible music they use is sometimes a little loud during
the scenes and gets really distracting. Drop outs and pops are really bad during
the last scene.

Extras: Photo Gallery (Trailers is listed as a selection
but it is phone sex and web site ads instead of movie trailers)

Scene 1: Cindy Crawford, Rafe
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
The beginning of this scene is very promising. Cindy and Rafe get interviewed
separately and together discussing their job and their sexual encounters. Cindy
is very playful and fun to watch and listen to. The quality of the video is
not the best during this portion and even fluctuates from very poor to not
that great. Cindy starts to give Rafe a blowjob in what appears to be a stairwell
before the scene continues with them sitting in front of a fireplace. The video
quality improves quite a bit from the previous part of the scene to this part.
The couple kiss each other for a while and Rafe begins to slowly move down
south. After eating Cindy out, Rafe eases himself into her pussy slowly picking
up the pace. They change so Rafe briefly fucks Cindy from behind before moving
to pile driver. Rafe acts as if he is about to blow and the scene switches
so Cindy is riding him cowgirl. The popshot happens very suddenly after the
shift and quickly fades out. Promising start with the interviews but a very
forgettable sex scene. I was hoping some of the playfulness would wind up in
the scene itself but was nowhere to be found.

Scene 2: Aurora Snow, Eric Masterson
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
More interviews start this one off before they get to the actual scene. Aurora
and Eric are near a pool and begin to rub and feel each other before Aurora
sits in a chair to be eaten. Once she has enough, Aurora goes down on her knees
to give eric a very attractive blowjob. They move to a chair nearby and begin
to fuck missionary. After an odd shot of the Goodyear blimp the camera pans
down to find the couple finishing up in missionary and changing to reverse
cowgirl. They finish things up with doggy and a facial. This time we get to
see more post scene interviews and activities. Another scene that was a disappointment.
Aurora is a great performer and has done several high energy scenes before,
but this seems a little "by the book".

Scene 3: Angel Long, Randy Spears
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
More interviews abound here with both Randy and Angel's tits being groped by
the camera man, um, ok. Angel and Randy are shown together kissing by a stream.
Randy goes down on Angel and she does a little more toned down version of the
dirty talk she has become known for. After her her turn, she proceeds to give
a little back by sucking his cock. The camera becomes very shaky at times during
her head giving. Angel hops on Randy's prick for a short ride then hops off
to suck more before hopping back on. They move into doggy and Randy starts
to really give her a good bang. They try out reverse cowgirl and Angel talks
about how she wants to taste his cum right before he grants her wish and shoots
on her tongue. Angel is another performer that has an aggressive side to her
so I expected a lot more from this scene. After hearing her say she likes a
cock in her ass during the interview, I expected to see her get a little anal
in this scene.

Scene 4: Jackie Moore, Kyle Stone
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM
Once again, we get interviews to start. The performers "meet" and
Jackie gets down to business by giving a sloppy blowjob to Kyle. Kyle dives
between jackie's legs to get a little taste of her slit before she mentions
she is getting cold. They move to a bed and begin fucking after Jackie does
a short striptease. They get some good reverse cowgirl in before switching
to doggy with some pussy to mouth oral mixed in for good measure. The go to
missionary and end with a cumshot on her tits. This one is the best so far
with both performers getting into the scene.

Scene 5: Trixie Kelly, Talon
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
The last interview for the disc begins this scene. We find out Trixie is going
to have this scene with her boyfriend, so I expect chemistry. Will it actually
happen though, is the question. The audio in this scene sucks. The sound is
extremely muffled and it has drop outs and several static pops. Both performers
get in some oral after the scene begins. They start fucking missionary and
move to doggy with Trixie getting worked up as Talon spanks her ass a few times.
He enters her ass as they stay in doggy and eventually pulls out to cum on
her face. Immediate fade to credits after the shot. Another disappointing scene.

Overall Thoughts: I've never watched a Dreamland dvd before so I wasn't sure
what to expect with this one. The performers in this movie has done some outstanding
work in the past so I was enthused to give it try. I don't know what happened
here, with this many hot stars I can only think the director reigned them in
a little too much, I'm not sure. The production values also hurt this dvd quite
a bit with poor to fair video and great to horrible audio. My enthusiasm has
been completely washed away by this one and unfortunately, with one decent
scene out of five I can only recommend to Skip It.


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