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1 Dick 2 Chicks

  • Release date:
    November 25, 2003

1 Dick 2 Chicks
Redlight District Video

Director: Robbie Fischer

Date of Production: 8/2003

Length: 2 hours 19 minutes

Genre: Gonzo

Cast: Rosie, Nevaeh, Keiko, Serena, Jennifer, Candi, Sue
Diamond, Maja, Brooke, Sarah, Michael Stefano, Caudio Meloni, Lee Stone

Video/Audio: The video is presented in 1.33:1 color. I didn't notice any of
the motion blocks in this title and the video was crisp. Audio was stereo with
the vocals right up front.

Extras: Behind The Scenes, Bonus Footage (POV blowjob with Sarah Jordan),
Photo Gallery, Trailers

Scene 1: Rosie, Nevaeh, Michael Stefano
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
Nevaeh and Rosie (Peaches in A
Group Thing 3
) start things off by talking to
he camera as they play with each other. Nevaeh goes down and licks Rosie's
shaved slit as Rosie talks to the camera more. The girls switch up and Nevaeh
tells us she needs some cock, a few moments later one appears. Nevaeh goes
to work on it with her mouth while Rosie is licking her pussy. Rosie comes
up try out her oral talents on their new friend and the girls trade it back
and forth. They all move towards he couch with Rosie and Michael get ready
to start out with some spoon style fucking. Nevaeh pulls out a ton of spit
out of her mouth to rub on Rosie's pussy before he enters it. Nevaeh quickly
rubs Rosie's clit as her pussy is getting drilled, eventually she goes down
to lick it and Mikes cock. Mike tells her she's next and has her sit on his
face as Rosie sucks him. Nevaeh slides herself on to Mike's penis in reverse
cowgirl. Rosie stays busy by kissing the other two and sucking on Nevaeh's
nipples. Mike pulls out of Nevaeh so Rosie can eat her out and suck his cock.
Rosie shows off her beautiful butt by making it jiggle before she hops back
on to Mike to get fucked again. Michael holds Rosie up as he fucks her as he
stands and then sits back down to keep fucking her while she licks Nevaeh.
Nevaeh gets back on cowgirl briefly before they switch to doggy. Rosie plays
with herself as the other two go at it. Michael asks Rosie what she wants him
to do and she tells him to fuck her like a dog. Nevaeh lays her head on Rosie's
ass and goes back and forth between Rosie's pussy and Nevaeh's mouth. They
put their faces together to take Michael's load and kiss. Not a bad start,
but not what I'd call hot. Rosie is really stiff and looks at the director
a lot for direction. Too much play to the camera took away from this scene.

Scene 2: Keiko, Serena, Michael Stefano
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, ATM, Cum Swapping
Keiko and Serena welcome us to Double Play, where some lucky guy gets double
tits, double ass, and double pussy. They get to play with each other a bit
before the lucky guy wanders in. They take turns eating each other out before
going to a sixty-nine for some mutual enjoyment. They start to flip so that
Serena gets to be on top, but Michael rushes in tells Keiko he's going to be
on top and slaps her ass. Serena stays underneath Keiko telling Michael to
make her cum as he fucks her. Keiko gets some more oral pleasure from Serena
Michael turns his attention to Serena's pussy quickly pulling out and stuffing
in Keiko's mouth. He instructs the girls to kiss for a bit and then tells Keiko
to sit on top of him. Serena sits on Mike's face and kisses Keiko's neck and
ears. Serena gets fucked in spoon and demands to be fucked harder before Michael
pulls out and gets Keiko to sit on him again. Serena offers her butt to him
and starts off nice and slow and builds up speed. He fucks Keiko again in spoon
then has Serena slowly lower her ass on to his dick again. Keiko rubs Serena's
clit trying to make her cum as Michael drills her backdoor. Serena tells Michael
to quit talking and fuck her ass and to do it harder because she wants to cum
again. Keiko catches Mike's load into her mouth and then shares it with Serena
for their finale. This scene blows away the first scene. Serena is a cute little
thing that enjoys her backdoor being pummeled. Keiko is too cute for words
and turns in a fine performance along side her friend.

Scene 3: Jennifer, Candi, Lee Stone
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Cum Swapping
A short girl-girl intro happens before Lee shows up to give Candi what she
asks for. Candi is paying a little too much attention to the camera while Jennifer
focuses on what's put in front of her. Candi is the first to get fucked and
Jennifer straddles Candi's face, putting her pussy in front of Lee's face.
Candi plays with Jennifer as Lee keeps pounding. Jennifer gets her turn on
Lee as
she gets on top of him.lee sticks with fucking Jennifer, but moves into doggy
with Candi laying under Jen's tits sucking them. As they get up so Candi can
get fucked form behind, Jennifer points out a wet spot on the couch. Jennifer
tells Lee to cum in her mouth and Lee keeps fucking Candi until he's ready
to pop. He moves over and deposits his load into her mouth and she then spits
it into Candi's mouth. I really liked Jennifer! Candi got on my nerves a bit,
but I wouldn't kick her out of bed. A little too much play to the camera, but
a good scene overall.

Scene 4: Sue Diamond, Maja, Michael Stefano, Claudio Meloni
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, ATM, Cum Swallowing,
Sue and Maja get a short interview before the scene and Maja says she had anal
sex before she ever had vaginal sex! They admit to liking boys and girls and
the show soon begins. They eat each other out briefly before Two guys show
up and take over. The two couples fuck in almost every imaginable combination
before Maja lets Michael probe her rear end doggy style. Everyone moves to
the couch again and Both girls hop on in reverse cowgirl with Maja taking Michael
back into her ass. the guys double penetrate Maja and Sue spanks her ass. Both
guys pull out of Maja and stand up so they can cum. Claudio serves up his load
to Sue, who swallows it and Michael sprays his all over Maja's face. The girls
kiss and wave goodbye. Nice scene. Maja seemed a little coached or just over
doing it at times. Sue was much better here than she was in Erotica

Scene 5: Brooke, Sarah, Michael Stefano
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, Oral Cumshot
Another interview, another girl-girl scene. I've been waiting to see Brooke
again since I first saw her in Naughty
Bedtime Stories 2
. Sarah is a newcomer
and is doing her second scene here. This is by far some of the best girl-girl
on the tape. Michael enters as Sarah is eating Brooke out and he goes to suck
on Brooke's amazing tits. He soon finds his way into Brookes pussy and Sarah's
mouth. Sarah and Brooke kiss some more as Michael is in Brooke. He has both
girls suck his cock before getting Sarah to sit on his dick. Watching her ride
reverse cowgirl, I just realized this is the same Sarah from Naughty
College School Girls 30
. We get to watch Brooke try her hand at reverse
cowgirl next. With her tits bouncing so much, it's hard to watch anything else
on the screen.
Sarah kisses Brooke's tits and rubs he clit as Michael keeps fucking her. Sarah
rides cowgirl before Michael hold her up while standing. He then picks up Brooke
and fucks her the same way. Michael starts banging Sarah's pussy in spoon and
then moves his dick back to her asshole. They roll from spoon to reverse cowgirl
and Brooke rubs on Sarah's pussy as Michael keeps fucking her ass. They move
to doggy without taking the dick out of Sarah's bottom. He takes her cowgirl
one more time before cumming in to her mouth. The girls lick on each others
tits and wave bye. These women were absolutely beautiful and the sex was very

Overall Thoughts: This must have gone through a last minute
title change because everyone in it refers to it as double play. Even the end
credits have being
named that. The 2 girl 1 guy thing has always been a favorite of mine, so I
was happy to see a series devoted to this announced. This is a great start.
The jerseys and and shorts were super hot and I hope they keep with that theme
in following volumes. The second and fifth scenes were my favorite of the bunch
and really hit the target with some hot action. I didn't care care much for
all of the camera play some of the girls did in their scenes, it took away
from the sex. I can't wait to see who they get for the second edition and until
then I'll Recommend this volume for a good 2 on 1 themed dvd.


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