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xxxNifty Reinvents Content Streaming with Nifty Live



Hot Tubs, ASMR & Gaming: As Live Broadcasts Evolve, Crypto Company Embraces Change

(Los Angeles, CA / June 24, 2021) — 18+ NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace xxxNifty introduces Nifty Live, an exciting new livestream offering that’s poised to alter the landscape of video broadcasting in the adult industry.

The innovative feature, which is set for release this summer, will allow content creators to instantaneously stream explicit content freely without restrictions that would otherwise get them blocked on competing livestream sites.

“In light of recent news from companies such as Twitch banning certain content deemed ‘sexual’, and OnlyFans looking to reduce adult content on its service, xxxNifty/Nifty Live is positioning itself as a key destination for creators looking to monetize their streams in the manner that they wish without fear of repercussions,” said an xxxNifty company rep.

“While most popular digital platforms are cracking down on adult content, xxxNifty is rolling out the red carpet for creators who can be as sexually-leaning as they like while focusing their energy on making money. Our identity is deeply-rooted in adult content and we will never switch up our policies or pivot away from the genre.”

xxxNifty, which launched earlier this year and has already established itself as the go-to marketplace for premier adult content, is already building a successful brand by selling NFT releases and creating new revenue opportunities using blockchain technology. Adult star Cali Carter’s recent NFT series sold out within the first 10 minutes of its release.

In addition to elevating the livestream experience, Nifty Live also offers viewers the opportunity to tip and make purchases on the site with the brand’s own native token, $NSFW. “We are very proud of the fact that xxxNifty is the first platform of its kind to utilize its own currency,” added the representative. “We are happy to not only welcome, but embrace and cater to adult content creators and their many fans who wish to support them.”

Visit xxxNifty.com and follow on Twitter: @xxxNifty.


xxxNifty is a new NFT (non-fungible token) platform focused exclusively on adult content, with the goal of changing the way fans interact with adult content creators. Through NFTs, the California-based company sells specialty collectible videos, photos and personal items straight from the stars themselves, using US dollars or cryptocurrency, including xxxNifty’s own native token, $NSFW – creating a whole new way of interacting with your favorite performer. For more info, visit xxxNifty.com.

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