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New Studio Champions Female Performer-Directors, Delivers Sapphic Fantasies with Genuine Women’s Perspective


CHATSWORTH, CA (April 25, 2019) — Devils Film and Giant Media introduce new studio imprint Jane Doe Pictures. The new studio, focusing on girl / girl scenes directed by female performer-directors, launched in April with its freshman release: “Lesbian Encounters,” directed by Gia Paloma, and recently wrapped production on its sophomore title.

“’Only men watch porn?’ Jane Doe Pictures knows better!” says Pulse VP of Sales and creative force behind Jane Doe Pictures, Maggie Metz “Women not only watch porn, but they love it too. That’s why I’m excited to introduce our new studio line through Giant Media and Devil’s Film. I’ve looked for porn which catered to the feminine appetite, but haven’t been able to find any focusing on the feminine side I was looking for. So, we’ve decided to hire all female directors, to deeply explore the true female wants and needs, and put it on camera!”

In an industry historically known for promoting male performers into directorial positions, Metz’s visionchampions female performers with an artistic eye and places them squarely in the driver’s seat. Metz was recently interviewed by Adult Empire regarding the launch of Jane Doe Pictures, from the origin of the studio name, the uptick in female porn consumers, and more. To read Maggie Metz’s interview with Adult Empire in full, visit http://blogs.adultempire.com/2019/03/21/an-interview-with-the-creator-of-jane-doe-pictures/.

“I love the direction Jane Doe is taking by giving voice to the female experience and not just leaving sex to be from the perspective of the straight male,” says inaugural director Gia Paloma (https://twitter.com/giapalomaxxx). “We certainly need and value that, but it’s time to illuminate other experiences as well! I’m super proud of what we made together!”

“I have had this vision for a while, and when I met Gia through one of our male directors, Jim Powers, we set up a meeting,” says Metz. “When she came in, I felt I could tell her my vision and she’d know exactly what I meant. ‘Lesbian Encounters’ was a phenomenal movie, and has done so well. I couldn’t be more pleased with who we chose to help launch this line!”

“The women I worked with on ‘Lesbian Encounters’ are all incredible performers who were a joy to be withon set,” says Paloma about her directorial debut for Jane Doe (https://www.pulsedistribution.com/catalog/title/36825/Lesbian_Encounters.html). “It was one of the rare times where, prior to the scenes, the scene partners had actual chemistry. The hours during their pre-scene time together were spent flirting, giggling, and genuinely enjoying one another’s company – not buried in their phones! By the time we shot dialogue, they were really ready to go. Sex, even casual, requires a level of emotional, not just physical, intimacy and mental attraction, which needs to be developed before the sex can go from great to ‘on fire.’ In an industry which manufactures fantasy, it’s unusual to have that level of organic chemistry on set between performers for each scene. I’m so grateful to have worked with such an amazing cast and crew. Diana Grace and Ella Reese both had their first lesbian encounters on our set, and it was such a gift to be a part of that experience. I was floored by the sex we captured, and hope you will be too.”

Jane Doe Pictures (https://twitter.com/JaneDoePictures) is scheduled to have a new release every other month. The studio recently wrapped production on its sophomore title: “Sophisticated Seductions,”directed by Gia Paloma, slated for a June 18release. All DVD releases will be distributed to retailers by Pulse Distribution.

“We wanted Darci Dolce to direct our second release, but due to scheduling issues, she wasn’t able to,” says Metz. “We asked Gia to come back and direct our second title, and we worked together to get Darci to co-star with Lily Lane. Once her scene was done, I was able to meet with her, and we are happy to announce we are currently working on our third release with Darci at the helm – and saying we’re excited is an understatement!”

“I enjoyed shooting our scene outside, because I don’t do that often,” says Dolce (https://twitter.com/DjDarcieDolce) of her scene. “I also loved how Lily and I were filmed on the pool floats wearing lingerie.”

“I’m very excited about directing for Jane Doe,” adds Dolce regarding her upcoming directorial role. “I’ve directed in the past, but Maggie and her team want even more of my creative input!”

“Being in the industry as long as I have, I am extremely lucky to have been given the chance to explore this concept I’ve had through Jane Doe Pictures,” says Metz. “I can’t wait to see how our new fans react to our upcoming features, and we look forward to having them share in our success!”

Retailers interested in stocking Jane Doe Pictures are encouraged to visit https://www.pulsedistribution.com/catalog/studio/563/Jane_Doe_Pictures.html for release announcements, and to contact Maggie Metz at [email protected] and 818.435.1614, or their IVD Sales Representative to place orders.

Pulse Distribution handles DVD distribution for approximately 100 studios, in every genre – from gonzo, vignette, and feature, as well as niche productions. The powerhouse distributor’s roster is continuously updated, adapting to the industry landscape, to better serve itsimmense retailer and customer base. For more information, visit http://www.pulsedistribution.com.

About Pulse Distribution:

Pulse Distribution is a domestic and international distributor of adult films across Home Video, Broadcast, Internet, and Wireless platforms. Pulse Distribution is committed to providing excellent service to our customers, and in offering the finest variety of adult products for a constantly evolving consumer market. For more information, visit http://www.pulsedistribution.com.


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