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Kelsey Kane Escaped the Farm To Get Wild With Two Guys


Kelsey Kane tries two guys and she likes it

Kelsey Kane explores her wild side and has some fun with two guys at Bang! We meet the all-American blonde on the couch in an oversized sweatshirt where she chats freely and gives some insight into her life. The beauty grew up on a farm outside of Chicago, a simple existence with lots of animals but not a lot of fun. The wild girl pushed boundaries in pursuit of fun and excitement, sneaking around behind her parents' backs and having parties right under their noses. Since her parents kept her home, she had to make her home fun and snuck dudes in the basement. Once she was in the working world, the naughty minx got busy with most of her managers or co-workers, often on the premises of her job. The chatty and chill girl also has interests outside of sex including powerlifting and crocheting.  She has a tight body that is fit and lean and we get to see splices of her trying on lingerie while she does her interview. Kelsey is open to life and keen on trying anything fun. When asked what she would tell her virgin self she says, "Just try it, whatever it is, you'll probably like it." She would also say, "Get into porn sooner." Kelsey is from the country with a wild spirit that can't be tamed and porn is the perfect outlet for her to explore and get a taste of the fun and adventure that she was deprived of. This scene from the Pretty and Raw series has the country girl getting freaky in an interracial threesome with Danny Steele and Sheem the Dream.

Kelsey Kane in red lingerie at Bang!


They get right into it, Kelsey in orange lace lingerie on the bed between two muscle men in jeans. Sheem and Danny greet her with kisses and eager hands, freeing her small tits and sliding into her panties. Her abs are toned and perfectly adorned with a jeweled belly button ring. The guys want her to show off that ass and Sheem wonders where she got that booty. I'm sure the squats had something to do with it, but she tells them "horseback riding" while also confirming that she'd "like to ride something else." With her starfish aimed right at the lens, Sheem leans over and gives her a rim job while Danny offers her some dick to suck. She can barely concentrate on it when Sheem slides beneath her and laps her up but his face is a nice place to perch while treating Danny to a BJ. She gasps and giggles, overwhelmed by the sensations while still doing her best to give just as good to Danny.

Sheem has been so giving that he hasn't pulled out his BBC yet. Danny wants him to sample some of those oral skills so while Kelsey leans over to blow, Danny slides in from behind. Her bubble butt looks amazing from above as she flares out and takes it. Danny rocks her body good, her squeals only muffled by the dick in her mouth. They trade and Sheem has to brace her so he doesn't pound her teeth wrong on Danny. Kelsey Kane is a country girl and she said she likes to ride, so they put her on Danny while Sheem gives her his pipe to clean. It's hard to find a rhythm with both ends and lots of moving parts but she manages her cowgirl spit roast despite the mad bucking that sometimes rocks her from below. Sheem eats her and then angles her for a spit roast spoon and scissor mish that exposes her tight body and highlights her flexibility. Kelsey spins around and switches and Danny jackhammers her so good that she can't keep Sheem's BBC in her mouth with all of the squealing. Sheem isn't sad, he's excited to see it, praising his buddy for his skills even as she has a death grip on his rod. He's ready to go and hopes his partner is, too so Kelsey gets down on her knees and enjoys two facials back to back.

Kelsey Kane is game for anything, this girl wants to try it all. She couldn't snowboard or pursue other outlets to quench her sense of adventure, so she found an outlet with sex. It's fun to get some insight into who the performers are, it makes them relatable and almost attainable. If you like getting to know your starlets or just knowing what is hot in the industry, I suggest you check out the Bang! blog. Kelsey said in her interview that she didn't get to have a lot of traditional fun growing up and she is sure making up for it now!  Taking on two big men is no easy feat but Kelsey holds her own yet goes with the flow. This scene is raw like it should be, not overly choreographed while letting everyone get their turn. I would love to see what Kelsey's like one-on-one and see more scenes where she gets to be more active and vocal. It's hard to show your stuff when you are being pinned and stuffed on both ends but being a little sex doll suits her fine as well! Watch this now!