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The Water Sign Triplicity – May 2024


Water Signs it’s time to get excited as one ending is a blessing in disguise that leads you to the one that is truly right for you!

Water signs, welcome to your Fleshbot Weekly Lovescope: The Water Sign Triplicity!  A weekly relationship guidance horoscope or “Lovescope.”  If you were born under the sign of Cancer (June 21 – July 22), Scorpio (October 23 – November 21), or Pisces (February 18 – March 19), you are a Water sign, and this weekly love, sex, and relationship message will be for you!

Those born under the Water Sign Triplicity, I know change is hard. Your heart may have recently been heavy with loneliness. A relationship has left you feeling alone and left out in the cold. The Queen of Swords in your reading represents a divorced person or person who has become single after a relationship ends. While this position can be painful in life, the Queen of Swords keeps her chin high and her mind focused on healing herself. She’s poised and will stand strong no matter how much the situation tries to bring her down, she will not let it. Dear Water signs, stand strong and tall much like the beloved Queen of Swords because I promise you this ending is exactly what you need to have a full cup of love presented to you by the universe. The Ace of Cups is here promising emotional contentment and healing that you never expected. It’s a new beginning full of love and depth and it is coming very soon! This is a beautiful progression from heartache, desperation and loneliness to a solid unwavering love that leaves you victorious in the realms of romance!

The Water Triplicity - May 2024 - Tarot Card #1

Water signs, you may have felt like you could never move on from the situation, but you will see that someone is coming in who is going to be so emotionally mature that you will feel safe to love again.  They are ready to give you their heart, their love, and their devotion.  A heartfelt new beginning is coming your way with a stable partnership that you can count on. You never could have gotten this had the old relationship remained intact. This person will love you compassionately and endlessly and you will have victory after victory together while standing firm on solid ground with sure footing that never leaves you questioning your destiny. A beautiful new relationship is coming for you water signs! Throughout all of this process, you will soon see that sometimes change is exactly what you need and it’s all unfolding in divine timing. There is no need to worry or fear, if you are reading this know these words are for you:  You are not meant to be alone and left in the cold, you are meant to be loved wholeheartedly and that’s exactly what you’re going to get!

The Water Triplicity - May 2024 - Tarot Car #2

Here are some celebrities also born under the sign of water!

Kendall Jenner

Willow Smith

Ariana Grande

Christina Applegate

Eva Mendes


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