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Haley Reed Tests The Limits of Her Ass


Her ass is not too tight for him after all!

Haley Reed wants her ass railed by a big one at Tushy Raw. The statuesque beauty is a vision in blue lingerie. She has legs for days and a perky little booty. Haley is blonde with a fresh face and cute braces. Her full lips have a lip ring that adds some edginess to her sassy smile. The beauty gets ready, hyping herself up for an anal adventure. She is so excited to play with Milan, but she saw a picture of his rod and she worries that it won't fit in her dainty hole. To warm it up, she gets out a toy to practice, popping the bulbs in and out and letting her ass snap right back. That toy is no substitute for the real deal, much too slim, but it is a nice appetizer before the big meat. Milan shows up at full mast and the pair get acquainted right there in the bathroom to ready themselves for a hot anal encounter!

Haley Reed on the bathroom counter in blue lingerie at Tushy Raw


The couple make out and she grabs his thick one, testing the girth with her grip. Milan is excited to get acquainted with her ass though so he squats down to burrow and sniff her sexual essence. He slurps the crevices to the hole and pokes his tongue right into her winking anus. Milan looks like he could live in her crack forever but she has been coveting his meat stick and wants to choke on it before letting him go for the gold down below. She garbles and gasps, making his length grow and curve to the back of her throat. All of that spit is captured and twirled on his shaft so he can slide right into her aching ass.

Haley is tall, so she bends at the knees and leans on the bathroom counter as he holds her elbow and saws his way into her tightness. He doesn't ease in, powering up fervently to prove that it fits just fine. Both of them elevate a leg on the counter and Milan lunges fast and deep allowing us full access to the view of her pink lips puckering as he drills and stretches that tiny ass. With a spin and a flamingo, they balance standing with her long leg serving her well by bracing up against the shower while he rocks her world. Haley squeals and her hard nipples shake and she's soon squirting all over the tile. Milan licks it up excitedly and then leads her to the bed to sit her deep with no hesitation. With butterflied legs, she squats high in reverse and keeps steady while he powerfully thrusts. Haley digs in her pussy and feels him from the inside as he rocks her back and forth by her legs. Milan is excited about that ass and can barely stand to let her control the motion. His pelvis is fast and his energy is high as he goes to town on the horny babe's sphincter! She is happy to let him use her and lets him spill her over and keep on going while she holds wide open and squeals. The anal attention isn't just devoted to her, Milan offers his own, curling it up for her to eat which she does so enthusiastically. She tastes her ass off of his dick and then he tongues her open gape to wet it so he can hit it in a high doggy. That dainty hole accepts him easily and he moves her around to stuff her from all angles while slapping against her furiously hard. "Make me your slut, baby!" she utters as he pounds away at her hole. She pushes her swollen insides out while stretching her gape with her fingers impressing Milan with her engorged tunnel. The nasty girl rubs her twat and feeds him her toes while he gets ready to finish in missionary. She wants to have another orgasm first and she convulses happily while letting him use her ass to milk him to the finish line. Haley invites him to jizz on her face, capturing the seed that doesn't shoot right past her with a manic grin.

Haley Reed is a good-time girl! She is up for anything including a hard ass pounding. Milan didn't take it easy on the slender girl and her delicate tushy. He held on tight and went all out testing the resilience of that tiny sphincter. These two love to be raw and dirty which is just how it should be on this site. The sex is energetic and aggressive with lots of nasty enthusiasm. You have to see it!