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A Gambler Can’t Lose When Amber Moore Is the Prize


A gambler risks it all for Amber's honeypot

Amber Moore keeps a gambler addicted to the game so that he loses his money and his pants at Vixen. Christian Clay can't resist the promise of a big win and even if he loses, he keeps coming back for more. Amber is a distraction and another addiction for the horny gambler. It doesn't even matter when she makes him lose all of his money, as long as he gets her in the end. She likes the game just as much and knows that he may go to his wife, but he will always come back to play with her some more. The temptress teases him and pleases him with that wicked body and her insatiable sexual appetite. There is nothing to lose when she is the prize, except maybe money or a marriage. But a game that is this fun to play is worth the risk!

Amber Moore rolls in the chips at Vixen


The pretty young thing has the gambler just where she wants him--in her bed! The nubile beauty with the supple, porcelain body wakes up beside him teasing his bulge under the sheets. Amber likes to feel him grow beneath her hands and teases him until he seduces her with tender kisses to make her want to do more. She wraps her pretty lips around him and goes to town milking him with wet suckles on his tip while he feels her wetness between her legs. The gambler has to taste her sweetness so she sits on his face and rides it to orgasm. I like the way you actively see his tongue working her clit and the way she writhes and squeaks before leaning forward for 69. She likes it when he thrusts while she keeps the suction tight all the while he burrows beneath her desperate for more of her addictive nectar. She dismounts and he continues kissing her kitty, lapping her up as she praises him. She loves that tongue and chirps wildly before feeding her dick addiction some more.

The game isn't over as she hasn't even had him inside yet. Climbing on in reverse, she eases on and revels in the fullness as she slides all the way down. They love to play and savor the moments, maximizing every move so you can feel the passion of anticipation. I like it when she lubes them both up and rubs what is not inside her and her button with smooth and sensual glides before continuing the action. They alternate who is in control of the motion, but she really likes it when he pumps up hard and deep while she perches. Amber savors him between rounds, licking it up like it is the best thing she's ever tasted. Christian loves feeling her and looking at her, so he insists that she face him for a ride more than once. He slams the hell out of her and then lets her roll that beautiful body giving us nice shots of that perky ass. The gambler loves his prize and this game so he maximizes every opportunity to make it longer with breaks and teases between poundings. From the side, he slides against her slit until she is begging for it. "You think you deserve it?" he taunts until she is demanding it go back inside. Amber looks so gorgeous as she leans against him with desperation and the gasp when he gives it to her is intoxicating. He fiddles her bean and she moans and watches as he plays with her begging him not to stop. I love looking at her perfect tits as they shake but I also love when he grabs them to squeeze while he pumps her. Christian is obsessed with her body and she is obsessed with his fat one. He bends her over and goes as hard and deep as she can take it with her ass in the air and shining bright. Amber wants the gambler to show his hand and deliver a big prize into her pretty mouth. Sensually, she plays with it and with him while he quivers. "So, who won this game?" the pretty minx asks the gambler. Obviously, she has won with a performance that is sure to bring him (and you) back for more!

Amber Moore is such an excellent performer. Her melodic voice, especially when she moans or asks for more is so erotic. She builds up the intensity with every deliberate sound and motion. Her body is supple and shapely and her face angelic, but the way that she hungers for sex is the sexiest thing about her. These two have great chemistry and do a good job at playing the "game", they hold back and then go for it, with sensual breaks of oral and external gliding in between. I love the desperation and the anticipation as much as the sex itself and I bet you will, too! Watch this now!