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Princess Alice Gets a Deep Anal Massage


Massage is best when it's beyond skin-deep

Princess Alice is aching for a massage deep in her sphincter at Tushy. The elegant brunette is at a lovely resort but the relaxation that she needs is unattainable. The masseur is booked out and when she hears the noises from the treatment room, she knows why. As she watches lady after lady get their turn, Alice aches for his touch more and more. Her aching back and pulsing parts can't take it anymore, so she plays dirty and makes Christian Clay put her on the schedule. Seductively, she struts by the pool and intercepts the masseur from another lady. She is decked out in a sexy bikini and makes her move, writhing up against the masseur and leading him away for a special deep tissue service that will treat her from the inside out.

Princess Alice kneeling on a chair at Tushy


Christian knows just what kind of massage the beauty wants once he unravels her suit and notices the jeweled butt plug peeking between her cheeks. He glides up and down her long legs as she trills in Russian and moans. He pays special attention to her glutes and thighs, feeling her slit and kneading her cheeks. Removing her plug, he teases her by popping it out slowly. He oils her up and massages down, his thumb finding its way inside her tightest hole. The service provider wants some servicing of his own, so he drops his drawers and shows her his special tool. Princess Alice delectably feeds on it, massaging his length with her lips and tongue as well as her strong grip. The beauty is ready to be stretched from the inside and readies herself for a massage that she won't ever forget.

Alice lies back forgetting all about her shoulder massage, to take his tool to the inside for a deep massage of the pelvic muscles. Alice breathes deep into the sensations as her wet box takes him on. The masseur cups her luscious breasts and then rubs her sweet spot encouraging her to help herself to reach new levels of release. With her endorphins high, Christian wonders if she is ready to get her tightest hole worked. His tool is thick and her pucker hole is tight so he eases in with slow glides before giving more power to the anal massage. He curves her and kisses her keeping her tissue warm and limber as he drills her. Christian pops out and flashes her gape, giving her playful swats as he goes back in from behind. From spoon to 69, Alice extends so elegantly. Her body is long and lean with no bad angles, and she looks pretty even when doing it so dirty. The rectal massage continues with her sitting deep in reverse and regular cowgirl showing off her stamina and the pliability of her flesh. The masseur pulls her down and delivers a final dose of lubrication deep inside those warmed-up muscles. She lifts off and releases her creampie with a gush and a wink of her butt feeling relieved and rejuvenated from her full body massage.

Princess Alice is modelesque with her lean figure and pretty face. Her beauty is striking but soft with feminine hair and innocent eyes. She is not so innocent though especially when she doesn't get what she wants. The beauty has no problem using her feminine wiles to get the massage that she so desperately needs. Her shoulders may have been tight, but there are other muscles down below that hold some tension, too. Christian finds a way to poke deep inside for the ultimate relaxation that releases from the inside out. A prim and pretty princess taking it in the ass? It is definitely something you don't want to miss!