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Romi Rain Is Back To Give Up Her Ass


Romi Rain returns and gives up all of her holes

Romi Rain is a baddie who is back and better than ever at Brazzers. In Romi RetunZZ, she shows off her considerable assets in sparkles and sequins. Her cleavage explodes out of her corset and her booty is luscious. She wears sheer gloves bedazzled with the Brazzers logo as she does her tease with plenty of wiggles and jiggles. The raven-haired, tattooed bombshell flirts with her fans and entices us by telling us everything she will do with a stud's powerful tool. Romi Rain wants her return to be a memorable one and she hypes up every nasty, slutty thing she is willing to do. The mistress of the night likes it raw and dirty and offers to stop talking to get down to business. Manuel Ferrara is just the guy to give her the encounter worthy of her comeback.

Romi Rain in stockings and gloves at Brazzers


Manuel is immediately enamored with her juicy jugs and squeezes them and her as he kisses her and whispers sweet nothings. The set is simple and the action is raw with no pretense or story, just sex. Romi is excited and happily drops to her knees to make his fat one grow. Romi proves why she's a worthy slut with eager sucking and slurping that drives Manuel wild. While her melons are out, Manuel obviously wants to use those fun bags and she spits and giggles while squeezing them tight around his thickness. Manuel is excited and eager to inspect and admire the famous Romi Rain. She gets comfortable so he can finally check out her kitty. With her spreading her thong aside and hanging off the couch, Manuel squeezes in to give her a good drilling. "How am I supposed to last?" he mumbles, trying to hold back from exploding. He squeezes her tit and makes her kiss it before oiling up her thighs getting her slippery and shiny. They show off her fat ass when she curves to the side, as well as her bedazzled stiletto boots. He pervs out on all of her curves and gets her thick cheeks slippery before going for gold and taking that ass.

Romi encourages him and takes it well. She likes it deep and he doesn't hold back, going fast and rocking her curves with every frenetic pump. He likes both of her holes and doesn't want to choose just one so he alternates while she grunts and gasps. Romi Rain likes to be nasty and takes him ass to mouth to clean his dick straight from her tightest hole. Manuel wants to see those cheeks spin as he oils them so Romi bends over and makes her bountiful booty clap for him until he is dying to go back inside. Manuel finally gets her out of her lingerie contraption so her body can shine in naked glory. Her gloves and boots stay on while they continue the action with a bootylicious cowgirl. Manuel loves the way she works it and tells her so. He doesn't like not being able to see it so he gets her to tuck under his legs and throw it back in reverse so he can watch her bulbous cheeks clap while she sits balls deep into her bare snatch. Romi is endowed on top and below, and Manuel can't get enough of either. He makes her jiggle and lick her big tits while keeping himself from losing his load before he's done with her. She curls back and he gives her more anal and vaginal action until she offers him a timeout so she can sit on his face. Romi smothers him with a wiggle and then he goes back for more edging with all of her holes. Manuel has almost had enough but wants to savor the last moments. Romi begs for his seed and milks him with her mouth, hands, and tits until he gives her the big ropes that she came for. "See how much I've been holding?" Manuel asks as the badass babe smiles covered in his glaze.

Romi Rain knows how to make a comeback! This baddie is stacked and horny and knows just what her fans want to see. She couldn't be paired with just any performer, she needed a hype man who could keep the fire going and work every hole right! Manuel enjoyed every inch of this curvy superstar until he couldn't help but unleash all of his seed to decorate the sexy queen with more than rhinestones. Watch this now!


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