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Fleshbot Valentine’s Day Lovescope – The Water Sign Triplicity


Fleshbot Valentine's Day Lovescope – The Water Sign Triplicity

Water Signs, welcome to your Fleshbot weekly Lovescope: the Water Sign Triplicity! A weekly relationship guidance horoscope or “Lovescope.”

If you were born under the sign of Cancer (June 21 – July 22), Scorpio (October 23 – November 21), or Pisces (February 18 – March 19), you are a Water sign, and this weekly love, sex, and relationship message will be for you!

Water signs: during this month of love, you may find that it’s not a good time to hide your emotions. It might be time to tell that special someone exactly how you feel. You may have recently felt as though there has been some drama in your relationship, and the connection might be too much trouble. Perhaps your partner has been elusive, or their emotions have been changing up on you, or they may have even ghosted you or stood you up. This may be due to feelings of low self-worth and the worry that you may not reciprocate their feelings. They may be making a big deal over nothing, and what they really need is a gentle touch along with a little bit of flirtatious freedom on your part. This person has been infatuated with you for a long time, and where you might have thought this was only a fling and was difficult to maintain; the winds of change are blowing, and it’s time to adjust your sails toward a more certain future with them.

Fleshbot Valentine's Day Lovescope – The Water Sign Triplicity

This crush is more than infatuation, and the good chemistry is blossoming into something deep and intense. Feelings rise as you express yourself, and if you share your dreams, even though they might be different, you might find a mutual understanding that brings you even closer together. What you thought was going to be short but sweet is going to grow into something so much more. All the drama and the issues that have been at hand are going to simmer down when everyone’s true feelings are expressed openly. Bring a gentle touch to this connection, and you’re going to find that everything will deepen and grow into something so much more. Hidden and unrevealed feelings are that which are causing the disconnect between you two. An open, honest conversation about them will help to light the fires of passion.

Fleshbot Valentine's Day Lovescope – The Water Sign Triplicity

Plan some time for some cuddling and closeness along with a session of sharing heart-to-heart feelings. You will find that the chemistry between the two of you is off the charts, and you will not be growing apart anytime soon! Once you both open up and share close, intimate times as well as heartfelt exchanges of love, when the winds of change will blow, but they will send you both in the same direction rather than sending you drifting apart. This crush is as sweet as candy and this is the perfect month to indulge in the decadence of it all! You can look forward to feelings rising and passion flowing after a time of uncertainty and personal issues weighing you down. Enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are some celebrities also born under the sign of water!

Olivia Rodrigo

Selena Gomez

Ariana Grande

Other notable celebs under the Water Sign Triplicity: Drew BarrymoreKendall JennerEmma Stone

Happy Valentine's Day!

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