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Matty Mila Perez and Lia Lin Get Lesbian Cream Pies


He has no idea he'll be a lesbian cream pie machine today!

Cute lesbian couple Matty Mila Perez and Lia Lin are enjoying one another’s bodies in the bed in their fake hostel room, which they are sharing with Michael Fly.  Everyone falls asleep except horny Matty Mila, who needs just a little bit more.


Matty Mila Perez and Lia Lin get ready to receive a lesbian cream pie for FakeHub! #NSFW

Well, maybe more than a little bit! This bi-sexual babe isn’t ready to stop cumming just yet, so she gets out a precision vibrator that goes right to the perfect spot on her clit. With her girlfriend and roommate, both sound asleep, she gets her body quivering with yet another orgasm. She tries to be quiet but still wakes up their fake hostel roommate, who has a huge hard-on that Matty cannot resist.  She loves pussy, but she can also enjoy a good cock every so often too! This dark-skinned beauty wants to be penetrated, and she wants to start with her mouth! Diving on top of Michael, she stuffs him deep into her mouth and begins sucking away. Now her hungry pussy needs to be filled, and she’s going to climb on top and make that happen!

Matty Mila Perez is a lesbian who rides a cock for FakeHub! #NSFW

With her lesbian girlfriend still curled up and sleeping peacefully like an angel next to them, Matty pumps her body up and down with that cock deep inside and her vibrator going to town on her clit!  With her sexy pink G-string panties pulled to the side, she makes her hostel roommate quiver and quake with her jerking, bouncing body!  He can no longer hold back and pumps her full of a hot lesbian cream pie! After her pussy milks him dry, he makes her see birdies with a bonk on the head from his big fat cock! That’s when her lesbian girlfriend Lia Lin wakes up and is about to get herself a little cock action too! Michael’s cock is quickly reloaded and pounding away at that hot pussy between Lia Lin’s legs. His rapid thrusts pump her full of yet another lesbian cream pie, leaving her shocked and frustrated that it’s over so quickly.

Lia Lin receives her lesbian cream pie for FakeHub! #NSFW

These girls are horny nymphos who can’t get enough! Lia Lin isn’t disappointed for long because within a moment her girlfriend wakes up.  She spreads her legs luring her in between them for a taste. She doesn’t tell her girlfriend there’s a lesbian cream pie waiting in her pussy she just lets her begin eating her out and find out on her own. With a mouthful of creamy white jizz, she shockingly spits it out in disbelief of what just happened. These hot babes accept it rather fast though and ask insatiable roommate Michael into the bed for a little more fun, this time inviting him into a two-girl threesome which has them well on their way to yet another lesbian cream pie, or two!

Matty Mila Perez and Lia Lin share a lesbian cream pie for FakeHub! #NSFW

These three roommates fuck and suck in every way possible! These are some cock loving lesbians today and they work Michael’s cock over until it’s harder than ever and ready to burst one more time! Their mouths, their pussy, their hands all pumping for cum and when it’s time to receive, Matty Mila bends over above Lia Lin and takes another lesbian cream pie that oozes out of her and right down onto the center of her girlfriend’s tongue. Click here to watch the crazy three-way action filled with multiple lesbian cream pies for hot lesbians Matty Mila Perez and Lia Lin.