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Fiona Frost Fucks Athena Fleurs and Her Stepson in a Job Interview


“Could you tell me a bit more about the position,” Fiona Frost asks Athena Fleurs. Fiona is in the middle of a job interview for a role assisting Athena around the house. Athena’s stepson, Jayden Marcos, walks in and introduces himself. Jayden wastes no time getting a feel of Fiona’s ass. “He really is a good boy,” Athena explains of her stepson as Jayden caresses Athena’s ass with his hard cock. When Jayden starts fucking his stepmom in standing doggy over the kitchen counter, Fiona realizes this is one job offer she can’t refuse.


Athena and Her Stepson Fuck Fiona on Her First Day on the Job!

Fiona Frost gets fucked in mish by Jayden Marcos while Athena Fleurs fingers herself.

It’s a good time to be in the job market. Fiona is in the final interview for a job assisting Athena around the house. The job includes doing laundry, chores, and running errands. As Athena explains more of the requirements, her stepson Jayden walks in. Athena’s frisky stepson takes out his hard cock and caresses Athena’s ass in standing doggy. “This is bizarre, but I’m so curious,” Fiona says to herself as she watches the pair. Athena assures Fiona she has the job no matter what.

Jayden pulls Athena’s g-string off and starts fucking her in standing doggy. Fiona watches the pleasure written all over Athena’s face as her eyes roll back in her head from the doggy banging. Athena squeezes and sucks Fiona’s nipples, bringing her into a hot threesome. Fiona and Athena continue to make out while Athena gets fucked by her stepson. “Do you want to help me suck his dick,” Athena asks.

Athena Fleurs rides Jayden Marcos in reverse cowgirl while Fiona Frost finges Athena's clit.

Fiona joins Athena on her knees to worship and suck Jayden’s cock and balls. “Your cock is so big,” Fiona marvels. She swallows his balls while Athena eats his meat. It’s Fiona’s first day on the job and it’s time for her to get fucked by her new boss’s stepson. Fiona lies on the kitchen counter in mish. Jayden walks up and penetrates her wet pussy with his prick. Athena kisses her and sucks her tits, making this the most satisfying first day on the job Fiona has ever had.

“Your cock feels so good,” Fiona moans in pleasure as her pussy get pumped. Fiona’s eyes roll back into her head as Jayden makes sure she feels every inch of his throbbing dick inside her. “I want to see you get fucked again,” she tells Athena. Athena rides her stepson in reverse cowgirl and then hands Jayden’s big cock off to Fiona. She gets in standing doggy and gets drilled from behind while making out with Athena.

Fiona Frost rides Jayden Marcos cowgirl style while Athena Fluers fingers herself.

“Fuck my pussy with your big fat cock,” she moans. “Cum on his dick,” Athena orders. Fiona coats Jayden’s cock with her juices as she cums. “I love that cock,” Fiona moans. Athena orders her stepson to fuck Fiona even harder. “I can’t wait to taste your cum,” Fiona tells him. Jayden fucks her harder and faster and then pulls out and pops all over Fiona’s ass. “That’s so fucking hot,” Athena says. “Your cum tastes so fucking good,” Fiona adds.


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