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Lumi Ray and Alice Hernandez Are Sensual Lesbian Lovers!


This is how sensual lesbian lovers like to start their day!

Lumi Ray and Alice Hernandez are sensual lesbian lovers who are so in love they can’t get out of bed without indulging in one another’s beautiful bodies. Milk-white skin and long, silky hair make these two more stunning than words can say!


Lumi Ray and Alice Hernandez kiss like sensual lesbian lovers for SexArt! #NSFW

Their silk nighties and desire for one another heat up the atmosphere and have an energy of passion and desire that can be felt as you take in their movements. Lumi takes the lead and slowly kisses her beautiful Brazilian-Japanese sweetheart, Alice, getting on top of her and caressing her soft face and perky breasts.  She helps her out of her little nightie, licking her nipples and taking her touch down between Alice’s legs.  Alice moans as she lays back and enjoys the undivided attention. Lumi’s long red hair brushes lightly against Alice’s body, and her sexy tattoos make her irresistible as she enjoys her girlfriend’s petite physique.

Lumi Ray and Alice Hernandez make love like sensual lesbian lovers do for SexArt! #NSFW

Alice loves laying back and spreading her legs for Lumi, who just wants to suck on that sweet little pussy.  Closing her lips around that clit, her body bounces up and down to drive her sensual lesbian lover wild with pleasure! Alice watches every movement of her gorgeous girlfriend as she licks, sucks, and goes up and down on her aching pussy.  She wants to be ravaged by her; she wants to explode in her mouth, and every movement gets her closer to doing so.  Taking a break from pleasuring Alice with her mouth gives Lumi a chance to come up for a close, bonding kiss.  The bliss doesn’t stop for Alice because Lumi’s fingers take over right where her mouth leaves off, rubbing and stroking that sensitive clit and wet pussy until she makes Alice tremble with orgasm.  As soon as Alice cums Lumi pulls out her fingers and licks them clean, loving how her sweet beauty tastes.

Lumi Ray sits on Alice Hernandez's face for SexArt! #NSFW

Now that Lumi has taken care of her beautiful girlfriend, she needs some relief, so she climbs up and does a little face-sitting so the sensual lesbian lovers can rock the bed a different way. Lumi’s eyes close, and her body goes up and down to the rhythm of the flicking tongue and open mouth between her legs. Her perfect ass pumps and humps on breathless Alice until she cums right into her mouth. She keeps on rocking until her clit ceases to pulse and then heads down for a passionate tongue-twirling kiss. Lumi is quickly ready for round two and trades places with Alice, so this time, she can lay back and enjoy the attention in a more relaxed state.

Sensual lesbian lovers Lumi Ray and Alice Hernandez have oral sex for SexArt! #NSFW

These two hot and sensual lesbian lovers moan and squirm to the endless sucking mouths and flicking tongues that have them cumming over and over. Soft, sensual, and slow, the two beautiful ladies explore all the most sensitive areas of their bodies, giving each other everything they have with eager desire.  After ample oral gratification is given and received between them, they spread their pussies for a hot humping scissoring that gets everyone off one more time! Click here to watch as sensual lesbian lovers Lumi Ray and Alice Hernandez give a special glimpse into their private escapades that you don’t want to miss a moment of!