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Breast Play Lifts and Separates the Boys from the Men.

Considering American men’s alleged obsession with women’s breasts, you’d think women’s breasts would get more attention from men than to just be gawked at, awkwardly fumbled, and made lewd comments about. Alas for those of us with breasts that yearn for more, it ain’t necessarily the way of all things. Although the number of women who achieve orgasm exclusively through penis-in-orifice sex is less than 20 percent and the number of women who really get turned on with beast or nipple stimulation is more than 80 percent, a surprising number of men still think that the way to ultimate sexual pleasure for a female partner requires their dick and nothing else.

For too many, anything more than the passing squeeze of a boob is unthinkable either from some strange lack of imagination or empathy, or a fear of taboo. The latter can be especially true in the case of men receiving stimulation to their nipples. When I was first honing my technique in my late teens and 20s, it was sad how many men recoiled at the very thought of having their nipples touched. Men had been brainwashed to believe that enjoying nipple stimulation was something only gay men did.

In addition to being totally incorrect, it was a totally homophobic attempt to not merely further marginalize gay men but to further marginalize all men from their bodies and what gives them pleasure. If you’re not allowed to experience and identify pleasure in your own body, maybe it’s harder to know or care about what gives another person the feeling of intimacy and satisfaction that can come with nipple and breast play. I was bottle-fed, so I’ve got an oral fixation as big as a Cadillac.

I don’t know what it’s like for anyone who supped at their mother’s bosom and felt her pulse as they fed, but I do know that my mouth doesn’t care what the genitals of someone with an enticing nipple look like. If there’s chemistry, delighting and/or tormenting that nipple is going to be an important part of my early sexual preference discussions, especially since I am also a fan of receptive nipple play.

In addition to pinching, licking, sucking, kissing, nibbling, stroking, and squeezing, there are a wide number of creative ways to stimulate the secondary sexual characteristics known as breasts, including the nipples, which nearly all of us got at least one of when we were born. I am, of course, assuming we are all mammals. For those of us who are mammals and who want to step up the creativity of our breast play, I present the following, moving from gentle to more intense sensations:

SEDUCTIVE: If we’re not sure what kind of touch a breast or nipple-owning person enjoys, it’s best to start light. If it’s too light, we can always increase the pressure. If we start with too much pressure, trust and the eroticism of the moment can be lost. Items like feather ticklers, fluffy soft paintbrushes, oils or lotions, finger vibrators, and scraps of soft fur can be relaxing as well as arousing. Likewise, depending on the mood, we can cut any tension by being a little silly.

SEXY & SPICY: When we have a bit of extra time to invest in our breast worship, there are a variety of ways to bring a bit of zing to the temple. Nipple clamps, magnetic nipple balls, and suckers are always fun. The latter can be used to bring inverted nipples to the surface, in addition to increasing sensitivity. Magnetic nipple balls give nipple play a sexy science-nerd alternative to clamps, which can be light or heavy, with or without weighted ornamentation. The intensity of any of these items will depend on how long they are left on, what kind is being used, and how sensitive the nipple in question is.

Other fun options include fire and ice. For instance, ice cubes on a nipple can earn quite a reaction, as can clothespins, a light tap from a wooden spoon, and creative use of other innocuous household items. When experimenting with wax play, my personal preference is a nice soy-based candle. They have a low liquifying temperature and can be massaged into the skin, making cleanup an additional pleasure. Keep in mind that these forms of physical stimulation can be enjoyed by any gender and any sex. They just need a nipple or a sensitive area on the chest.

EXOTIC & HEALTHFUL: If you’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy a good Chinese cupping treatment, I strongly encourage you to change that. They can be more or less intense, depending on what is desired, and they have the added benefit of having genuine medicinal benefits. Whether it be a pump or “fire” cupping, the goal is to bring the blood to the surface so that toxins can be released. They also leave amazing hickies wherever they’ve been, so plan accordingly. The equipment is easily available.

The really adventurous can try their hands at needleplay, a form of temporary piercing for artistic and euphoric purposes. Do not use sewing needles and do not try this at home without first learning how to use the correct needles from a reliable source. Wear non-latex gloves and make sure to have a sharps container nearby for discarded needles. Dispose of gloves turned inside out in a trash container.

TIES THAT BIND: I certainly hope that you knew we would eventually wind up here, at breast bondage. There are so many ways to bind a breast and many creative items to bind it with. Soft rope, rough rope, scarves, and other strips of fabric, rubber bands, and vinyl tape are on the list of strange delights that can be used to restrict one or both breasts. Rope or leather chest harnesses are often loose in the boob department, but if the goal is for the breasts to stand at attention, greater constriction will be required.

How tight is tight depends on the breasts in question. Likewise, how much one bruises or changes colors while bound. A good rule of thumb is that no matter how much fun tight bondage and its resulting sensitivity might be, 20 minutes at a time should be the limit. Anything longer can be risky in an inadvisable way. While they are tied or wrapped, it’s all kinds of fun to find out how sensitive they are. Nipple clamps with or without weights, tiny rubber or leather whips, light electrical, sensation, and impact play can all enhance the pleasure or suffering, depending on the goal.

There are, of course, many other ways to keep breasts and breast lovers entertained and even inspired. In the best case, these suggestions will result in one or more orgasms. I do caution that while there’s nothing like personal, hands-on experience, some of these activities come with the potential for injury, as well as physical and/or emotional discomfort. Because of this, it’s important to know how to avoid and prepare for those times when things don’t go as planned.

It's important that we read, watch, and listen to well-regarded experts in the type of play we want to engage in with the aim of gaining knowledge and understanding. There is a lot of pleasure to be had in breast play, but some of it requires caution, additional care, and preparation before we can go wild. This sounds like a topic for me to tackle during the waning of this year.