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Exclusive Interview with New Male Talent: Zane Walker


Zane Walker is a rising new male talent.

Zane Walker: An unfiltered look into the life of a rising male adult entertainer

Zane Walker is a name that has been making waves in the world of adult entertainment. Behind the captivating onscreen persona lies a man with a fascinating story and an unwavering determination to succeed in a challenging industry. In this exclusive interview, Zane shares his journey, preferences, and aspirations, offering readers an unfiltered look into his life.

Born in the bustling city of Chicago on September 19th, Zane's entrance into the world coincided with the beginning of a remarkable journey that would shape his life in unexpected ways. He experienced an early sexual awakening and found himself participating in a threesome. It was a defining moment that set the stage for his later entry into the adult entertainment industry.

Britt Blair and Zane Walker.

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Curiosity led Zane to explore the world of pornography. When asked about his early influences, he listed popular male actors such as Johnny Castle, Danny Mountain, Bruce Venture, and Chad White. On the female side, he was drawn to performers like Nicole Aniston, Anna Bell Peaks, Cory Chase, and Kimmy Granger. Zane's preferred genre is Vixen, known for its attractive, fit, and sensual content, particularly those involving a guy and two girls. The aesthetic appeal and quality of content are important factors for him, and he hopes to work with prestigious studios such as Vixen and Deeper in the future.

Before entering the adult entertainment industry, Zane Walker had already amassed an impressive sexual history with over 100 girls, a fact he candidly shared during our interview. It was when he started making his own videos for platforms like Pornhub that he caught the attention of male-focused sites and began his journey as an adult entertainer two years ago. While he acknowledges that breaking through as a straight male in the industry is not easy, Zane's determination and passion have allowed him to make significant progress this year.

Katrina Colt and Zane Walker.

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The transition from private encounters to a studio set was exciting and challenging for Zane. He speaks about the stark differences between intimacy at home and performing in front of the cameras. Regardless, he managed to deliver an impressive performance, with his first studio scene receiving positive feedback and a memorable cumshot. Zane emphasizes that success in the industry depends on setting goals, working with quality people, producing credible content, and fulfilling a desired niche.

For Zane Walker, being in the adult entertainment industry is more than just a job. It's a natural release of serotonin and dopamine, a journey he genuinely enjoys. Outside of his profession, Zane leads a well-rounded life. He loves playing basketball, working out, and diving into his passion for food as a self-professed foodie. Additionally, he finds time to indulge in his love for sports and study psychology.

Shay Sights and Zane Walker.

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Regarding personal preferences, Zane's favorite position has changed over time, but he currently finds missionary to be the most enjoyable, particularly with eye contact. As for kinks and fetishes, Zane admits to enjoying bgg threesomes and engaging in intimate encounters in the shower. He also reveals a dominant side to his sexuality.

Zane's fans often seek advice on how to emulate the performances of a pornstar. In response, he emphasizes the importance of taking control, being confident, and focusing on foreplay. Zane encourages people to connect with their partners and feel the rhythm in their hips. For an added thrill, he suggests incorporating a vibrator into the sexual experience.

Scarlett Mae and Zane Walker.

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Zane Walker's story is one of determination, passion, and exploration. He has navigated the complexities of the adult entertainment industry with a drive to succeed and a commitment to producing quality work. As he sets his sights on working with renowned studios like Vixen and Deeper, Zane continues to push boundaries and chase his aspirations. Behind the provocative onscreen persona is a multifaceted individual who enjoys playing basketball, working out, exploring the world of cuisine, and learning about psychology. Zane's journey serves as a reminder that success in any field requires dedication, a willingness to push boundaries, and a genuine enjoyment of the path being pursued.

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Read Zane Walker's Full Exclusive Interview:

AL: When is your birthday, and where were you born?

ZW: September 19 is my birthday, and I was born in Chicago.

AL: Can you tell us about the first time you had sex? Do you have any special memories?

ZW: I lost my virginity; it was in a threesome.

AL: Do you remember any movies or actors that you loved at the time when you first started watching porn? What was your favorite genre?

ZW: When I was a teenager watching porn, I watched Johnny Castle, Danny Mountain, Bruce Venture, Chad White, Nicole Aniston, Anna Bell Peaks, Cory Chase, and Kimmy Granger. Vixen is my ideal type of genre, but I would prefer a guy and two girls. Attractive, fit or petite, nice scenery, and definitely sensual.

AL: Do you have a count of how many people you were with before porn?

ZW: I was already deep in the hundreds before I got into porn.

AL: When did you become an adult actor?

ZW: I started my adult entertainment journey two years ago but am only really “breaking through” and progressing this year (it’s not easy as a straight male).

AL: How did you break into the adult industry?

ZW: I made my own videos for Pornhub, then got cast on a male-focused site is how I got started.

AL: What was your first scene like?

ZW: My first studio scene ever I was excited for, but it was tougher than I thought it’d be. Once you’re in front of all the cameras and on set, it’s much different than sex at home in a normal setting. But I got it done well; the video came out good, and the cumshot was enormous.

AL: In your opinion, what is the secret to making it in the industry?

ZW: Making it depends on what your goals are and if you’re eager to get seen and produce quality work with quality people that reach a credible audience and fulfill a desired niche. To keep it simple tho it’s just sex appeal at the end of the day. Is your content hot, yes or no?

AL: What is your favorite thing about being an adult actor?

ZW: The job is natural serotonin and dopamine release for me. That’s why l enjoy the journey.

AL: What do you want to do in the industry that you haven’t done yet?

ZW: I haven’t shot for Vixen or Deeper yet, that’s the goal. I feel it would be aesthetically pleasing for the viewer.

AL: What do you do when you’re not shooting porn? What do you like off-camera?

ZW: In my free time, I play basketball and workout; I’m also a big foodie, watch sports, and study psychology.

AL: What’s your favorite position?

ZW: My favorite position has changed multiple times, but currently, I’d say missionary, and I love eye contact during it.

AL: Do you have any kinks or fetishes?

ZW: Kinks and fetishes include bgg threesomes, sex in the shower, and being dominant.

AL: What would you tell a fan that asks, how do I fuck like a pornstar?

ZW: If a fan asks how to fuck like a pornstar, I’d tell them to take control, be confident, focus on foreplay, feel the rhythm in your hips, and make a connection. Also, if you could use a vibrator simultaneously during the sex, do that.

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