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Just The Tip And Only The Tip, an #exhibitionism #edging #erotica


Flesh Erotica

Exposed and teased for hours-- how will she stand it?

I have always been blessed with larger-than-average nipples and clit and it’s always excited my Sir greatly. He can’t keep his mouth or hands off of them, often stimulating them together so they grow hard and suckable because he knows he can flip the freak switch in my brain and get me to do pretty much anything sexually when I’m super horned up from someone touching them the right way. My nipples are about an inch and a half long when fully aroused, combined with very large areolas and they are a dark red color so he often makes me wear light-colored shirts in public to tease people. He sometimes calls them my cow teats, which gets me really wet, actually. When he’s fucking me in missionary he makes sure to rub my swollen clit with his fingers the whole time, sometimes stroking it like a little cock which makes me squirt all over him.

One evening about a month ago, he texted me that he was planning a special night at the kink club and that I was to begin pumping my nipples and clit every single day with suction toys. This was exceedingly hot for me because they just seemed to get more and more sensitive every day and actually started to look even bigger and Sir responded quite enthusiastically every time he saw them.

The night of the special plans, he had purchased and laid out the sluttiest lingerie set I’d ever worn. My pussy gushed a little just looking at the lacy red and black set with open nipples and crotch . I would be almost completely exposed if I wore this. What was he planning to do to me? I was scared and turned on at the same time as I put it on under my street clothes and got into the car with him.
When we arrived, He blindfolded me and led me to a fuck swing set up in the middle of a room where he stripped me to the slutty lingerie and told me to lay down and open my legs.

“Here’s the game tonight, pet. You’re my toy and I let others play with you in the ways I see fit. Tonight I’m going to expose your best parts-- your obscene nipples and clit-- and people can touch them only with the tip of their genitals, fingers, tongue, or toys. Just frottage of many kinds. No extended licking of your clit or penetration of any of your holes allowed, even that slutty little mouth…no sucking anyone off, no gargling nuts, no eating ass… just…. lick... the... tip…”

He slid a finger into my mouth as he said that and I sucked it greedily, by reflex and he pulled it out, making me demonstrate my licking skills.

“Good girl.”

I tried my luck and pouted at him a bit.

“And I will know if you break the rules. They are allowed to jerk off and cum or squirt all over you though, which I’m allowing because you’re such a fucking cumslut and I can only deny you so much pleasure. You are allowed to cum as well from the frottage, pet.” he slapped my face and roughly tweaked a nipple, in that cruel yet affectionate manner that I loved so much.

“Also, there may be surprises. Remember, I know your filthiest desires….”

He put a spreader bar and cuffs combo toy on my ankles and wrists so that I literally could not touch anything or close my legs. My nipples and clit that had been merely aroused earlier were all rock hard and I swear I could feel them pulsing and sticking out farther than ever. It was embarrassing but also I was sexually ravenous and aching for touch. As soon as they hit the air they had become almost painfully sensitive and I was aware of being the center of attention. I love that our sex club had so many diverse people in attendance and I loved a variety of bodies and genitals. I wondered who would decide to use me as their frottage fuck toy and/or jizz dump. I was beyond ready to find out.

As predicted a line of hard cocks seemed to never end as they paraded through, often three at a time, two on my nipples and one on my clit, rubbing and leaking precum to make everything slick. Whether they were smaller cocks that nutted in two strokes or huge fire hoses with giant balls that shot ropes of cum on me, I reveled in all of them. A monster black cock owned by a studly man called Jerry was an incredible experience. He got Sir’s permission to rip the top open so that my tits were fully exposed so he could stimulate his prick by squeezing my tits tight together and rubbing both nipples up and down his shaft. It wasn’t long till he rammed that horse dick between my tits and rode them hard and rough. Sir gave him special permission to do it because he knows how much I lust for BBC and balls that produce enormous loads and his balls were so huge and heavy. Jerry also loved to fuck my tits so much and did so on a regular basis. I deeply wanted to eat his asshole but I settled for a huge load landing hot and creamy all over my udder-like mammaries. My cunt drooled as his big fingers and dickhead touching my nipples made me cum over and over as he made sure I got every drop.

It’s really hot how many of my friends from the club apparently have wanted to do naked dirty things to me. It was really flattering. A pair of hot lesbians with hairy cunts each took a tit and rubbed my engorged nipples on their clits, coating my knockers with pussy juice, some of it spraying my face.

Next, Tom and Gabe, a pair of mostly-gay boyfriends who liked bi fun sometimes approached. They were attractive and well-hung and beelined immediately for my tits, squeezing my glazed melons and popping out their cocks to jerk off over my tits and rub their dickheads on my big red nipples.

“Oh, fuck, what a pair of knockers…….. I feel like I’m a teenager jerking my load again over a big-titted slut in a magazine only it’s a real live big-titted slut! Fuck, this feels good!” exclaimed Tom, as he continued to stimulate my nipples and flick them with his thick pulsating meat as he masturbated furiously over my exposed tits.

“I’m more kinky, I guess… I was more of a shoot my nut on the crotch of the centerfold guy...” said Gabe, with his dick in his hand as he stared between my legs and then opened my lips to find my swollen love button, lewdly positioning himself and smacking at it with his dick head.

“Fuck, look at her hairy cunt! I’m gonna rub her clit with my dick…. Unngggh it’s so wet…..let’s cum on this slut together, baby….unnngghh!”

Splat! The two lovers creamed me in unison and still hard they walked off with their boners bouncing, probably to go fuck each other senseless.

Sir entered the room again with a friend of ours called Cleo. Cleo was a tall and lean transwoman covered in tattoos with flaming red hair. Sir loved fucking her on the regular and we’d fooled around a time or two all together. They were both hard as rocks.

“I’m going to give you a front-row seat while I fuck Cleo’s ass. Do you want me to make her dick spurt all over you, slutty fucking pet?”

“Yes, Sir, that would be amazing!”

Sir and Cleo flanked me and rubbed their dicks all over my nipples and then Cleo was bent over my face, her dick just brushing my lips as Sir slid into her ass and she moaned in ecstasy. He opened her ass and filled her up and all I could do was stick my tongue out and lick her dick head. Cleo moaned and her dick dripped into my mouth.

“Unnggggh your asshole is so tight, you horny bitch!” Sir grunted and grabbed Cleo harder, fucking deeper, all I could see were his balls swinging.

“Shoot your fucking load in my ass and make me cum on your slut’s face!” she demanded as he fucked faster and harder and soon enough a massive.

“Thank you Sir. Thank you Cleo. That was amazing!” I slurred in a dick-drunk haze.

“You’re welcome, pet. Now enjoy some more cum!” he said, taking Cleo’s hand and heading out of the room.

Load after load of cum glazed my skin everywhere and made a mess of the lingerie and I was loving being a filthy cumdump, an exposed slut for people to use for their pleasure, but I was almost sobbing with sexual frustration when Sir came into the room at the end of the night

“Look at you, my little cum dump. So pathetically horny you would hump anything that slid into your pussy wouldn’t you?”
“Yes, Sir. Your fuck doll needs to be filled. Please?” I begged him and then rolled over, thrusting my ass up at him like a cat in heat. He shoved a finger in, feeling me grip it desperately, and then withdrew it, laughing about how pathetically horny and needy I was.

He tore the lingerie off me with his strong hands, flipped me onto my back, and slid with one powerful stroke into my messy sloppy cunt and held me down, fucking me savagely.

“You’re my fucking property! Hold your fucking ankles, whore!”

I did so and he railed the fuck out of me, grabbing at my jizz slicked tits and trying to pinch my swollen nipples as I screamed out in ecstasy having finally been filled and reclaimed like I craved. I was beyond begging for permission to cum, I was sobbing with the need for release.

“I’m going to fill your slutty little cunt, you dirty little jerksleeve. Cum on my dick while I choke you! Fucking cum rag bitch!” he growled and as I felt him empty his balls deep inside me a flood of my own squirt pushed his dick out. He rammed it back in and choked me out hard as at least five more spurts came out of each of us. He repeatedly told me what a fucking whore I’d been and how hard it made him to see all that fluid soaking his fuck toy. A few other couples were fucking while they watched us and listened to him humiliating me and me screaming with pleasure. I wanted them to cum. I wanted to see them cum and hear them. I was now addicted to making people cum so I begged loudly for Sir to put his last load up my ass and I squealed like a pig as he used me and busted inside my ass, just as he had Cleo earlier tonight. This set off an incredibly hot chain reaction of orgasms throughout the room and sent the night out on a great note.

When we got home, I fell asleep in his arms, happy and slutty and a little sore, dreaming of our next sexual adventure.

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