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My Chat Line Job Turned Me Into a Cheating Wife – #Erotica


My Chat Line Job Turned Me Into a Cheating Wife - #Erotica

We met on a chat line, and soon he was filling my pussy!

Gerald was my online client who soon and very unexpectedly became so much more.  When I began working on a chat line, it was simply a way to pay the bills, and quickly did just that. I gained fans relatively fast and had quite the following. There was one client in particular whom I began speaking to regularly; his name was Gerald.  One night, I was in a bad place when Gerald called into my chat line. My marriage was on the rocks, and I wasn’t getting any attention from my husband. It had been months since he even touched me, and I was tired of feeling neglected. I was feeling pretty bad about myself and sick of my situation when my line rang, and I answered it. A charming man came on and instantly began captivating me with his words. I felt more wanted by him than I had by anyone in a long time. It was as if he was sent from heaven and knew the exact words to say to make me feel beautiful and desired. My other clients were good at doing that, too, but something about him was extra special, and I couldn’t wait until the next time we talked.

He started calling me once a week, which turned into twice, and then soon it was every other day. We would chat about everything you could imagine. Our personal lives, work lives, and how our bodies looked in what we might be wearing. Before Gerald, I would fake orgasms when they were needed. I never really got into it with anyone else. And then one day he wanted to hear me cum.  We got on an audio call, and I laid back and opened my legs to begin stroking myself just the way he wanted me to. It was the first time on an audio call that I actually did as I said I was doing. All the other times I was really good at pretending. There is something about him though, that made me want to be real, it made me want to be genuine. It made me want to be myself! That’s what I loved about him so much! I love the way his breath sounded picking up in the background as his arousal grew along with mine as my fingers went back and forth between my legs. I was a bit stunned when I realized that I had gotten so into what I was doing that it was actually happening for real! With him, I didn’t need to fake it and it was simply magical.

I grew to look forward to the chats and audio calls on the chat line with Gerald.  I sometimes signed on more than I needed to, hoping to have him call. We did a video call one day in which I watched him stroke his cock for me.  It was something I’d watched many men do in my time on the chatline, but with him, my mouth watered, and I ached to feel him between my lips. I’d never wanted that before. I never wanted to be unfaithful to my husband, but hindsight tells me my marriage was over long before Gerald and I connected. He just happened to be the one who was there as my saving grace to help me feel better about the difficult times and the loneliness that my lackluster marital connection provided for me. That may have been the turning point for me as I watched him take his thickness out and begin rubbing his hand back and forth on it. I encouraged and told him how good it looked and meant every word of it. I wanted to see him explode for me and see how much he could give me. I wanted more, so much more than a chatline client, when it came to Gerald. I found a way to slip him my information so he could begin calling me on the side, and it wasn’t long before we were more than friends.

He would still send money directly to my account rather than through the chat line job where we had met. He became a sugar daddy, sending me gifts and spoiling me in all ways.  Soon, it no longer mattered that I had a husband who only cared about sitting and watching TV rather than paying attention to me or touching me. I didn’t really care what he did as long as I had my new love, Gerald.  We took the chat line off-line when, one day, he booked a ticket to fly into the city where I lived so the two of us could get together for a romantic rendezvous.  My heart pounded in my chest as I got ready for him.  I opened the package that arrived at my door the prior week, containing everything he wanted me to wear on our first get-together.  He was so handsome and sexy and well-rounded, and I couldn’t wait to dress up for him and fall right into his arms.

I told my husband I would be taking a trip a few hours south to see a friend of mine for the weekend, but really, I was down the street at a resort, ready to meet my online client for hot unadulterated sex that would finally fulfill me in ways that he hadn’t in years.  As I made my way to the resort to meet my sensual new love, I got a text that said, “Room 305 I’ll be waiting”. I swallowed hard, and my heart thumped in my chest, excited to finally be with my passionate new love interest.  It made me feel the way I did when I was younger, and I had just met my husband. When love was all new and exciting, and no hard feelings existed, only desire and intense cravings for one another.  My heels clicked up the stairs as I went to the room where Gerald waited for me, and my chat line client would soon become my hot new lover.

I turned the key and opened the door, and there, sitting in a chair in a perfectly tailored designer suit sat gorgeous and perfect Gerald.  It was as if we’d known each other forever, and I felt so comfortable with him. We smiled, and without a word, I began walking toward him, unbuttoning my coat and dropping it to the floor.  I gave him a moment to take in my lean and curvy body decked out in the dark green lingerie he had sent me.  My long red curls trailed over my shoulders and down my back, and my big brown eyes dilated at the sight of him. “I didn’t think it would be possible for you to be even more beautiful in person than you are online.  I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. May I kiss you?” He asked in a way that was so sexy it made a gush flow between my legs and my heart feel as though it stopped for a moment. I silently shook my head yes as our lips drew closer together, aching for contact with the man of my dreams.

Once our lips met, it was a whirlwind of hot, sweaty desire.  I lost moments as I realized I’d almost magically gone from standing in his arms to him on top of me on the bed. Our tongues twirled together as my hips ground in sync with his.  I begged for him to put his cock in my pussy, and soon my slippery wet tightness engulfed him.  We moaned as months of built-up anticipation from the chat line came to life in a heated ravenous of the hottest sex I had ever had. My body bounced under him as he fucked me.  I begged him not to stop, holding his face above me and looking deeply into his eyes as his pumps pounded deeply into my longing pussy. Back and forth, he rocked in and out of my tight, clinging slit. I wanted to suck him, but he needed to be inside me.  He couldn’t bear to pull out long enough to slip that hard cock into my mouth, but that was okay, we had all weekend to indulge in everything we’d ever dreamed of doing to one another, and I planned to savor that long, hard cock until it burst in my mouth.  But first, he was going to do that right inside my greedy pussy.

When I felt him swell inside me, I begged for him to cum in me. I needed to feel my chat line lover fill me with his warmth.  I had dreamt of it so many times.  My pussy clenched tightly around him and he moaned deeper as it did.  I wanted to milk with him with it so I squeezed as hard as I could as he began to explode.  I came so hard I soaked him as he filled me and that weekend, he gave me countless loads of cum. My chatline client had become my secret lover, and I couldn’t wait for more nights with Gerald!

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