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Bunny Madison, Katrina Colt and Penelope Kay Have a Lesbian Three-way!


Breakfast is served, and it's a sweet lesbian three-way!

Older lesbians Bunny Madison and Katrina Colt love hanging out with their younger lesbian lover, Penelope Kay!  And they are really excited that their day will start with a hot lesbian three-way with her in the center!


Bunny Madison, Katrina Colt and Penelope Kay have breakfast before sex for Sweetheart Video! #SFW

Katrina used to be Penelope’s professor in college, but then all the stars seemed to align when this little hottie answered an ad the two placed for a new roommate. She was their number one pick, and now they all get to live together and see her daily! These lesbian roommates are having some breakfast and trying to make plans for the day when adorable little Penelope announces that she’s going to go back to bed; she plans to chill there all day for a little break!  She does, however, remind them that they can fight over who gets to join her!

Bunny Madison, Katrina Colt and Penelope Kay fondle each other before their lesbian three-way for Sweetheart Video! #NSFW

Her adorable voice is so cute, as is her petite body and tight little outfit.  She doesn’t have to ask her lesbian lovers twice; the two get up immediately and follow her to the bedroom.  The hot lesbian three-way unfolds with these two older and more experienced lesbians spoiling their sweet younger roommate like always! The two dive into bed, letting their competitive nature take over as to who gets to kiss their sweet and hot roommate first. Penelope loves how much they spoil her and make her feel good, and she wants them both equally as bad as they want her.

Bunny Madison, Katrina Colt, and Penelope Kay have a lesbian three-way for Sweetheart Video! #NSFW

After rubbing her tight younger body, Bunny and Katrina kiss overtop her; this gives her the perfect opportunity to lean up and do some nipple sucking.  They love how it feels with her mouth wrapped around their sensitive nipples pulling and sucking and giving them intense pleasure. The three take turns kissing and twirling their tongues in each other’s mouths, and Penelope can’t get enough of sucking those perfect breasts that surround her. This older lesbian/younger lesbian scene is so hot your juices get flowing instantly! As these three beautiful ladies began to peel out of their clothes and explore one another’s bodies further, you can’t help but anticipate their next moves with great desire that flows through you!

Bunny Madison, Katrina Colt, and Penelope Kay have morning fun for Sweetheart Video! #NSFW

Soft and sensual sucking and licking sounds fill the room as the three use their tongues to roam and give one another pleasure like never before. Bunny caresses younger Penelope as she passionately kisses Katrina in front of her. Long sexy fingernails trace over curves of creamy white skin in a hot three-way pile that gets everyone cumming again and again! Grinding, scissoring, and humping are how these ladies like to get it on. Using thighs and tongues to make those clits go wild! Legs spread, and mouths open endlessly in this delicious lesbian three-way scene!

Bunny Madison, Katrina Colt and Penelope Kay make each other cum for Sweetheart Video! #NSFW

This gorgeous group of ladies spends the day in bed running fingers and tongues from nipples to clits, and they invite you to come to have a front-row seat to the luscious lady lovefest! Click here to watch as this hot lesbian three-way unfolds between gorgeous older lesbians Bunny Madison and Katrina Colt and their cute younger lesbian roommate Penelope Kay!

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