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Lesbian Superfans Kira Noir And Kay Lovely Have A Threeway With Chloe Surreal


Two Lesbian Superfans Go Snooping And Find Some Pussy!

When superfans Kay Lovely and Kira Noir sneak into hot influencer's room Chloe Surreal's room a hot influencer, they try to hide what they're doing but Chloe finds them and teaches them a super dirty lesson in "Two Thirsty Bimbos Get Stuck And Fucked". It definitely helps that Chloe has some monster big natural tits and loves to show them off. She surely attracts a lot of attention and can be peeped all over the web by millions of fans. Sometimes though, this can attract over-eager fanatics that want to be near these celebrities and they just can't help themselves. Whether they are innocent gestures or not, they can catch these influencers off guard as they are not really expecting such a crazy fate. When Kira and Kay sneak into her room and go snooping through Chloe's things, they instantly get horny and want to play with each other. On the bed grinding their pussies on one another, they can't stop the horniness since this whole experience is turning them on.

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lesbian superfans scissor on the bed

These girls are such freaks, they are chewing on each other's panties and sharing a double-sided dildo as they get it on right on Chloe's bed! But just as the girls are getting freaky with it, Chloe comes back to her room to her some commotion. So Kira and Kay hide under the bed. Chloe isn't buying it though and sees the big dildo on the floor that they forgot to hide. Not only that, Chloe sees their sexy asses hanging out the side of the bed. They clearly didn't think this through at all! So Chloe puts on a big strap-on dildo and walks over behind them and surprises their pussies with an insertion! Now they're going to get fucked by Chloe, this might just fulfill all of their dreams and sexual desires. Spanking their sexy booties and priming them for the pounding she's about to give them, Chloe then eats out Kira while she fucks Kay's pussy at the same time.

lesbian superfans get fucked by chloe surreal with a big strap on dildo

These freaky lesbian superfans are sure glad they have stumbled upon Chloe's domicile. They're even happier that Chloe herself came by to grace them with her presence as she's scissoring the hell out of both of them on the bed. Sharing a dildo while Kay sits on Kira's face, things are nasty and dirty in this threeway. As Kira and Kay twerk their sexy asses on this big dildo, Chloe holds the toy between them spanking their booties. When she thinks they're ready for the grand finale, she pulls out the big dildo and squirts the fake cum all over their faces as they chew on their own panties. There's a lot of eye candy in this one and so much intensity that the girls bring to the scene. Chloe does a great job of managing and moderating the sexual activity since she's playing the influencer star. Kira and Kay are down for whatever and love to put on a show. Lovely tits all around on all three ladies, lovely booties, and tons of fucking you shan't be disappointed!

superfans kira noir and kay lovely take a big load of fake cum from chloe surreal's dildo

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