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Skyla Sun Does Her Friend’s Homework and Her Brother


Skyla Sun accepts some pampering from her friend's brother

Skyla Sun relieves homework stress with her friend's brother in this scene at Naughty America. The cocoa cutie looks sexy in her shorts and tank, lounging on the bed with a laptop. She owes her friend a favor, so she's at her house doing her physics homework, but it's a lot harder than she expected.  Johnny Love is surprised to see Skyla in the house alone without his sister. She tells him what she is doing and that his sister is out for a while with her boyfriend. Johnny wants to spend time with his sister's hot friend and offers to help with the assignment, but once he sees the coursework, he admits that he is over his head. Johnny figures if he can't do the work, he can help her with her stress so she can concentrate, offering a foot massage. She puts her feet in his lap and smiles big as Johnny gives her a nice massage with lotion. Skyla feels better already, relaxing as she figures out the problems. Johnny catches a glimpse of Skyla's pussy under her shorts and offers to massage more of her while she works. Skyla feels his cock getting hard under her legs, and tells him, "You might as well just eat my pussy, right?"

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Skyla Sun gets Johnny Love to eat her pussy at Naughty America

Skyla knows that an orgasm will really help relieve her stress and Johnny is eager to help. They get her shorts off her sexy body and Johnny finds a tiny bush on her mound and a delectable clit ready to be licked. Johnny does a great job on her pussy so she offers him a view of her pierced tits. Skyla Sun is sexy and her body is amazing with pierced nipples on her full tits, a naval ring, and a beautiful complexion. Johnny reaches for her curves while looking up at the hottie and munching her box perfectly. Skyla invites Johnny to take off his shorts and his cock pops out at attention. Touching this beauty made him super hard! Skyla is impressed with his nice dick and leans forward to suck it. Skyla opens wide and garbles all over his cock keeping it wet and hard. Johnny grabs her gorgeous curls and fucks her face and slaps her ass. We get a super hot POV when Johnny stands on the bed with Skyla blowing him with sloppy bubbles.

Skyla Sun cowgirl at Naughty America

They do not want to stop here, Johnny wants to fuck and Skyla feels the same. He lies back and she climbs on showing off her bubble butt as she backs it up on his dick. Johnny gives her a nice drilling as she perches on her toes and it looks amazing. He loves to see the view from both ends, admiring those juicy tits and then that juicy ass when she turns around. Skyla loves how Johnny hammers her when her legs tire, his balls hit her clit and her tits shake. I love how she slows down and then rolls seductively taking in every inch and enjoying all of it. Skyla is shapely and supple and looks fantastic rolling on cock. Her friend's brother knows how to fuck hard and fast and keep her cumming. The doggy is sexy as hell with her pussy gripping him hard and queefing as she flattens down and takes it deep. I love when he lifts her by the elbows so we can see some nice side views as she appreciates the deep dicking back to front. They finish in missionary with Skyla enjoying every inch with breathless pants and eyes rolled in her head. Johnny kisses her feet and grabs her tit and fucks the hell out of her until he's ready to cum. He showers her bronzed body with his cum and you can tell that Skyla feels much better and ready to buckle down for some homework.

Skyla Sun covered in cum at Naughty America

Skyla Sun is sexy! I love her hair and her gorgeous complexion. She is shapely and sassy and so captivating to watch. It's nice to see such organic reactions to pleasure. This is a good fuck and Skyla's face and body reacted accordingly. You have to see it! She looks so hot cumming!


Naughty America

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