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Fleshbot Exclusive Interview With Lorenzo Viota: Mr. Fleshbot International for November 2023


Fleshbot Exclusive Interview with Lorenzo Viota: Mr. Fleshbot International for November 2023.

Lorenzo Viota: From Libertinism to Adult Acting and Everything In Between

Each month in 2023, Fleshbot will select and feature a Mr. Fleshbot and Mr. Fleshbot International that all of us should know more about.

Lorenzo Viota, also known as Mr. Fleshbot, is a Belgian-born adult actor who has gained quite a reputation in the industry. With his charming personality and impressive talents, Lorenzo has made a name for himself in the world of eroticism and pornography. Born on June 15, 1983, Lorenzo discovered his fascination with the world of eroticism at a young age.

Lorenzo's first sexual encounter was at 13 years old. He started watching pornographic content around the age of 10 and quickly became captivated by the genre, particularly enjoying Rocco's films. Before entering the adult industry, Lorenzo had multiple relationships with different women and developed a strong passion for sex.

Lorenzo Viota for Evil Angel

Photo Credit: Evil Angel

In 2015, Lorenzo embarked on his career as an adult actor, breaking into the industry through perseverance and following both good and bad advice. While he did not have a specific role model, he noticed similarities between himself and actors like Mike Angelo. His first scene was filled with nerves, but it provided him with an opportunity to establish himself in the industry. Since he broke into the industry in 2015, he is credited with over 480 performances for prominent companies like Evil Angel, Tushy, MetArt, and more.

When asked about the secret to succeeding in adult entertainment, Lorenzo Viota emphasized staying professional, being persistent, and embracing his passion for the profession. He enjoys the thrill and adrenaline before each scene as well as the opportunity to meet new women and form connections.

Kama Oxi is about to be the appetizer on their romantic rendezvous for SexArt! #NSFW

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Outside of shooting adult films, Lorenzo spends a significant amount of time training at the gym, getting massages, and focusing on his production and financial goals. In his free time, he enjoys having relationships with different women, creating content for his platforms, and traveling.

Lorenzo Viota's career in the adult industry has allowed him to explore various positions and experiences, though he admits to not being a fan of threesomes or gangbangs. His favorite position is the missionary, though he also enjoys girl-on-top and doggy-style in porn scenes. He has a particular fondness for Asian women, considering it a real obsession.

When asked for advice on how to please a partner, Lorenzo suggests smiling, smelling good, and maintaining a sense of humor for both men and women. He also notes that passion and desire are crucial elements in impressing a partner, emphasizing that the scenes in porn are fiction.

Lorenzo Viota fucks Saint Ahsoka.

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Lorenzo is actively working on his OnlyFans content, regularly sharing sexy material with his fans. They can connect with him on Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans, where he provides exclusive content and engages with his followers.

With his magnetic personality, passion for pleasure, and philosophical musings, Lorenzo Viota has made a name for himself in the world of adult acting. He embraces liberation, loves the festive side of libertinism, and continues to explore his desires while keeping an open mind. As he moves forward in his career and life, Lorenzo looks forward to seizing opportunities and making choices that align with his ambitions and desires.

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Read the Full Fleshbot Exclusive Interview Below

AL: How old were you the first time you had sex? Can you tell us how it went?

LV: The first time I got sucked I was 11 years old and my first sex was when I was 13.

AL: Do you have any special memories from this moment?

LV: It was in a summer camp the girl came in the evening to see me as she usually did I just licked her breasts until one day my friend gave me a condom and from there I had sex sex with this girl.

AL: How old were you when you started watching porn? Do you remember any films or actors you loved from back in the day? What was your favorite genre?

LV: When I was 10 years old I was already looking at magazines of women with lingerie and I licked the images... I very quickly came across my stepfather's pornographic books but then the images were no longer enough for me. He also had VHS tapes that he hid. I was around 12 years old. It was crazy for me because I saw a real connection. sexual it was a real revelation for me I always wanted more Rocco's films I really liked...

AL: Do you have any idea how many people you were with before porn?

LV: Before porn I only had one girlfriend with whom I had children and I stayed with her for 11 years. She didn't like sex that much and she deprived me of it a lot, that's it. where I became a real sex addict then after her and before porn I must have had 50 relationships with different women.

AL: Have you had threesomes, orgies, gangbangs, all that?

LV: Before porn I happened to have threesomes but it's not something I like.. like gang bang Because I don't like being a toyboy I like to be dominated and set rules.

AL: When did you become an adult actor?

LV: I started my career in 2015 and since then I haven't stopped.

AL: How did you break into the adult industry?

LV: By taking the good and bad advice and giving my own opinion, it is not easy for a boy because there are very few places available due to perseverance and passion for this profession. It happened.

AL: Did you have a role model when you started?

LV: Not necessarily because I like to be myself and not try to be like someone else But I noticed that I had similarities with Mike Angelo and others.

AL: How did your first scene go?

LV: It happened with a lot of stress that I had to manage. it was made with my ex-girlfriend who started at the same time as me and I did 2 scenes during the day it was amateur and it allowed me to get a foot in the door.

AL: What do you think is the secret to succeeding in the industry?

LV: Stay professional

To be perseverant

Be passionate

And know English

And this gives on each scene with pleasure.

AL: What are your favorite and least favorite things about being an adult actor?

LV: I like meeting new women with whom I will have a relationship. Excitement and adrenaline before the scenes. And be independent... What I like less is the hypocrisy that there can be and the people who get big heads too quickly.

AL: What do you want to do in the industry that you haven’t done yet?

LV: Work for Vixen and work at Brazzers.

AL: What do you do when you're not shooting porn?

LV: I train a lot at the gym, pay for massages and think about money and my production

AL: What do you like off camera? When you have free time, what does Lorenzo Viota do for fun?

LV: Having relationships with other women and making content for my platforms and I love traveling.

AL: What is your favorite position? Do you have any inclinations or fetishes?

LV: I like object women. The pose that I like to deprive of these the missionary and in the porn the girl on me and the doggy style. My big penchant I love Asian girls a real obsession.

AL: What would you say to a fan who asks: how can I fuck like a porn star?

LV: I will tell him that what we are doing is fiction and that if he wants to impress his girlfriend they must fuck with passion and desire and put themselves in a bubble with the girl.

AL: Can you give me and your fans three tips on how to please a woman?

LV: To be smiling

 Smell good

 To be funny

AL: Can you give me and your fans three tips on how to please a man?

LV: Be smiling

 Physically maintain yourself

 Be gentle

AL: Are you working on something you would like to share with your fans?

LV: If we want I work regularly on my onlyfans and a lot of very sexy content arrives.

AL: Where can your fans find you?

IG: @lorenzo_viota

X (Twitter): @lorenzoviota



AL: Do you have a message for your Fleshbot fans?

LV: I discovered fleshbot. But it makes me very happy to know that many fans follow me here too.

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