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Wendy Raine Lets Her Son’s Friend Go to Poundtown


Poundtown and pancakes with a hot mom

Wendy Raine makes pancakes and whoopee in this scene at Naughty America. The busty MILF is lovingly making breakfast for her son, but he's not there. Her son's friend, Logan Xander, slept over after a party but her son went off to his girlfriend's. Luckily, Logan likes pancakes, too so Wendy gives the strapping dude some sustenance and heads out. Before getting far, she overhears Logan bullshitting with her son on the phone making some lewd comments. He says that he got pancakes for fucking his mom so good. Wendy overhears his boasting with amusement and decides to make him eat his words with his pancakes. "Who'd you take to poundtown?" Wendy asks making our dude very uncomfortable. Logan starts backpedaling saying that both of them make jokes about fucking the other's mom and it's just guy talk. He doesn't want to disrespect her, but she's not mad and asks if he wants to "put his actions where his mouth is." The busty cougar whips out her huge milk jugs and pulls his face into them. He doesn't know what to do but when she demands that he use his lips to suck those big nipples, he does what he is told. Logan worries that his friend will find out, but Wendy thinks that is the point. He likes to brag to his friends, right? He claims to know all about "poundtown." And he can brag and nobody will know if he's lying or not.  "I want to see what this poundtown is about that you talk about," Wendy says as she lets him ravish her massive boobs.

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Wendy Raine feeds him a big tit at Naughty America

Wendy is a seasoned lady who knows how to handle some sausage in the morning, reaching for his bulge and gripping his boner as he sucks the hell out of her tits. The cougar confidently pulls out his cock and starts licking and sucking as he perches on the breakfast stool. Logan is impressed with Wendy's skills, she savors every inch hungrily before taking off her dress and letting him see the rest of that body. With titties like that, he has to feel them wrapped around his cock. She clasps them around his cock for an epic titty fuck that rocks his world. Those tits are better than he imagined when he was fantasizing and talking shit and she knows just what to do with them.

Wendy Raine gives her son's friend a titty fuck at Naughty America

"Now it's time for you to take me to poundtown," she says getting up from the ground to bend over the counter with one knee braced. In her lacy thigh highs, she takes his young cock into her pussy and lets him pound it out. She loves the way he manhandles her tits and fucks her deep and hard. She can't help but throw it back and bounce harder into him. She grins when he spanks her and he comments that he never knew his friend's mom was "such a freak." Logan wants to see more of that hot bod and those sexy tits so she perches on the stool to get some missionary as he thumbs her clit and slaps her tits. "Poundtown, poundtown. Yes!" she exclaims. Wendy loves how her son's friend works her and gives her all of that dick. "Is it better than Johnny's dad?" Logan ask. She cackles and tells him that Johnny's dad will not be told. They take poundtown to the top of the counter for some spoon, but he's not working this sexpot hard enough so she starts grinding back harder. This mama is horny for that breakfast sausage and wants more and more. Logan makes Wendy quiver with his handiwork on her clit as they writhe together by his pancakes. They take turns taking each other to poundtown when she rides. Wendy may be older but she is fit and has the stamina and skills that some young sluts would dream of. They take each other to poundtown, vigorously fucking until Wendy slows it down with a sexy grind and mischievous grin until he is ready to get his friend's mom on her knees to get showered in cum. She rubs it in like European skincare and says, "That was some good poundtown."

Wendy Raine and Logan Xander spoon fuck on the counter at Naughty America

Mature women and moms don't have to be frumpy and Wendy Raine is proof of that. I love a proper MILF over 40 showing us all that sex appeal doesn't stop with age. Wendy is a great actress, too and I love her expressions and the "mom look" she gave Logan when she caught him talking shit. These two went for it and the chemistry is so good. You have to see this hot sex in the kitchen with a hot mom!


Naughty America

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