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Emma Rosie Is Tiny But Likes Big Things In Her Ass


Emma Rosie wants her ass stuffed with anything that will fit

Emma Rosie is a tiny waif with a love of big things. At Holed, she dances around and shows off her petite and porcelain body. She wears gingham lingerie that practically hangs off of her tiny frame as she gives a dance on the bed and exclaims how much she wants toys and cock in her little asshole. The blonde is dainty but not demure with a spattering of tattoos and pierced nipples. She hangs out naked wearing only leg warmers when her man brings her something fun. He gives her a huge butt plug that vibrates so hard that it skims across the table. She loves some anal action, so she's not afraid of testing it out.

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Emma Rosie gaping from her butt plug at Holed

Tommy Gunn gets it in her asshole with not much effort and practices vibrating the hell out of her so that her whole body gyrates. The sensations course through her and she puts on quite a show as he controls the butt plug with the remote in POV. She doesn't have much ass to twerk, but with a body that tiny everything is shaking. She wears it throughout the day, staying naked and stuffed as he sneaks up on her and makes her shake into convulsions. "I want more," she says over and over and she gets it. She can't get enough of that thing and licks and fucks her ass with it even when he isn't controlling it. Her tiny ass gapes and then takes it back, stretching tightly around the red toy as she pops it in and out. Her man takes over as she bends over and spreads it for him, popping her hole over and over. Her love tunnel stays open as she changes positions so he can tease it and let it swallow up the toy from every angle.

Emma Rosie missionary anal at Holed

Emma Rosie should be nice and open for cock now, so she works on wetting his cock so that she can take the real thing into her stretched-out hole. The tiny girl expertly wraps her lips on his fat cock enjoying all of him while submitting on her knees. Dripping with spit, she asks him, "Do you think it would fit in my ass, baby? Can we please find out? Please!" She begs him to fuck her in her "tiny, little asshole" while looking up pleading in POV. These two skip the pussy and go straight for gold. Her blue eyes get wide as she holds back her knees and takes his cock into her ass. It's a tight fit for sure and he eases in with shallow thrusts as she opens to accommodate him. She takes more in missionary until she's ready to sit down all the way on that thing. She squats into him, looking like a little fairy floating above him when he boosts her tiny body up and down. She wants to try the cock from every angles like she did the toy, and bends and twists and rides with her asshole stretched tightly around his cock. Her sphincter tugs as he pumps, but her eyes ask him for more and more. Her gape gets even bigger and even stays open when her knees are curved to the side with her cheeks stacked. After fucking that tight hole, Tommy is ready to blow. He jerks his cum to splatter her petite face and she uses it to slide up and down to make sure that every drop was released!

Emma Rosie side gape at Holed

Emma Rosie is a tiny sprite who loves the fullness that can only come from something in her ass. She practically looks like she will split in two when she is impaled in that little asshole, but she doesn't wince, she asks for more. Watch this dainty fuck doll open up for big things and enjoy the good vibes and good stretch!