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Sapphire Astrea and Sofia Divine Share Jordi ENP’s Sausage on Date Night


Lesbian lovers Sapphire Astrea and Sofia Divine are out for date night when Jordi ENP serves his Spanish sausage on a platter for them to play with!

Sapphire Astrea and Sofia Divine are out on a date at a restaurant when they meet Jordi ENP, their server. They were sharing a lovely Italian meal when Jordi came back with a jar of water. It all started with a little accident because Jordi was serving them water while staring at their tits, but it ended with two lesbians enjoying a big cock for the first time!


Sapphire Astrea and Sofia Divine are having dinner.

While he was serving them water, he accidentally poured water all over Sapphire because he was staring at Sofia's titties. I honestly can't blame him! He was so sorry, and tried to help Sapphire dry up but she took the jar of water and started pouring water all over her tits. Jordi was amazed. Can you even imagine being there? Sapphire starts playing with her big tits, squeezing them and making her nipples hard while staring at him. And Sofia walks toward them and starts teasing him. He was having a party with their tits.

Sapphire Astrea and Sofia Divine kiss over Jordi ENP's cock.

But they wanted to play with his cock, so he laid on the table, and they started sucking and licking his cock and his balls. I love when they kiss in between playing with his cock. They are so hot and sexy! After making him hard and wet, Sapphire Astrea laid down, and Jordi started fucking her while Sofia Divine kissed them and played with her tits.

Sapphire Astrea fucks Jordi ENP while Sofia Divine watches.

He was fucking her like a fuck machine; she moaned so loud and so much! I don't know how they didn't all cum right then and there. And then Sofia bends over, and Jordi starts fucking her too. After making Sofia moan and letting her enjoy his cock, he laid down, and Sapphire sat on top of him and straddled Jordi ENP. I love seeing her big tits bouncing as she rides him and how sexy they look kissing before changing position and letting Sofia enjoy his cock one more time.

Dear reader, I barely managed to stay professional with my hands on the keyboard when Sapphire started licking and sucking Jordi’s cock after he fucked Sofia. You can tell she hadn't tasted a big Spanish sausage in a very long time! And she loved it! I bet Sapphire Astrea loves how Sofia Divine's juicy juices taste from Jordi’s cock...

Sapphire Astrea and Sofia Divine share Jordi ENP's cum.

Jordi ENP laid down, and Sapphire started riding him and grinding on his cock. I love the close-up of her asshole in this part of the scene! He fucked her so good he couldn't resist cumming when they started sucking and stroking on his cock and making a mess all over their faces. The fantasy of the lesbian couple that decides to give in to temptation and finally enjoy a big cock is irresistible, and this scene will not disappoint!

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