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Demi Hawks Wants To Get Worked Over By BBC While Working Out


Lots of different kinds of stretching going on here………….


Demi Hawks and Jovan Jordan

As we open this new multiracial teen scene for Teens Love Black Cock by Teamskeet, poor Demi Hawks is feeling a little sexually deprived by her partner Mike Mancini. I don’t know why this fool isn’t getting it done for this soft-voiced freckle-faced cutie, but, his loss. He accuses her of being a total pillow princess which is super offensive to her, but their argument is interrupted by the doorbell which announces the arrival of her handsome Black personal trainer, Jovan Jordan. She gives Mike the bum’s rush because she’s eager to start her session. Really eager.

Demi Hawks lifted by Jovan Jordam
Demi and Jovan are quite the contrasting pair at 4’11” and 6’6” respectively and as they begin their exercises by touching their toes and then Jovan starts Demi on some assisted crunches where she comes face to face with his clothed junk every time she sits up. She’s already getting that dick drunk face and he changes position to straddle her feet and hold them down and she’s getting even more distracted. He’s got a hell of a tent going on but tries in vain to remain professional but Demi needs to free that monster dick and begin trying to cram it in her mouth, which is no small feat yet she gleefully chows down on that massive meat.

Demi Hawks with a BBC over her face
Trying to maintain some semblance of a training session, he sits on the couch and has her do her crunches and each time she sits up she gets the reward of sucking on his dick a little. Well, there’s one way to get the perfect washboard abs. She climbs on his lap and starts twerking her tight little ass against him, but they are interrupted by a distraught Mike. Neither of them seems to care as Demi loses her shoes and then the rest of her workout clothes with a quickness. She then begins her pole workout, and we don’t mean dancing.

Demi Hawks riding a huge BBC

She slides down onto Jovan’s massive dick and isn’t letting him out of her pussy anytime soon. Our beefy trainer picks her up and fucks this cute spinner in the classic stand and carry segueing into being impaled in reverse cowgirl as he flicks the bean from behind with his hand that is literally as big as her thigh. Demi is adoringly dick-drunkenly staring at Jovan as he puts her through doggy and prone bone with an expert touch. Some matwork for flexibility follows, which ain’t Pilates or yoga, and some more Smaller White Porno Loveseat action. You can literally see all of her tiny body quivering with the ecstasy that comes with being filled with a really great dick and he delivers his load right to her eager pink tongue. I really enjoy the rising star that is Demi. You should check her out!

Demi Hawks gets her tongue jizzed



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