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Checking In with Vixen Angel/Cooking Show Host Violet Myers


Checking In with Vixen Angel/Cooking Show Host Violet Myers

See Violet's Latest on Deeper and Her Tastiest on YouTube!

Vixen Angel/Fleshbot's reigning Best Ass winner Violet Myers has a brand new cooking channel that porn fans are going to want to check out, along with a super hot new Deeper scene.  On her new YouTube show Cooking With Violet Myers, Myers will be whipping up tasty dishes with porn star guests Kiki Klout, Kazumi, Vicki Chase, and Emma Magnolia, along with podcaster/influencer Camille Nicole, TikToker Emwell, singer Justin Park, and YouTubers These Foos during the show's first season.

Her brand new Deeper scene with Spanish porn star Chris Diamond is a hot one directed by W.C. Walker that she refers to as "one of the most intense" scenes of her porn career with her getting sweaty and working up a hell of an appetite on his rock hard cock. It was a treat to say hello to her for this.


Hello, Violet! It is super talking with you again! How are things?

"Things are great! Thanks for asking."

Congrats on your new cooking series on YouTube! How has the reaction been to it?

"The reaction has been great, and it makes me feel good because I put so much love and passion into this. I really wanted the viewers to get a glimpse of what it is like cooking with Violet.

What inspired you to create your own cooking show?

"What inspired me was that I've always wanted to make anime-inspired food in real life and have my friends come along and do it with me. I have also washed many cooking shows growing up, so it was a lot of fun doing this myself and producing it on my own."

Are you self-taught in the kitchen? What is your signature dish?

"I want to say I'm definitely self-taught in the kitchen, especially since I'm the oldest; you kind of have to be. My signature dish would definitely be a delicious creamy pasta with salmon, shrimp, and garlic toast. All from scratch, except for the pasta. LOL"

Violet Myers topless

What chefs/cuisines inspire you? What do you love most about cooking?

"I can't say any specific chefs, but definitely watching the Food Network now and growing up and watching a lot of anime. Cooking shows have really inspired me to be in the kitchen. What I love most is that I can make a meal from literally any type of protein and vegetable, and I love food, too."

How have things been at Vixen? What was the best food you ate on that recent trip you took to Tokyo as a Vixen Angel?

"Everything's been great with Vixen. I'm in a non-exclusive, so there's still my family, which I love. The best food I had in Tokyo was definitely the burgers. The meat is just so good and juicy, and everything about the burgers out there. I'm just drooling thinking about it and wish I could go back."

Violet Myers naked

How can fans find you online?

"My fans can find me on linktree.com/violetmyers, where all of my official links are."

If you could share a meal with anyone in the world in all of human history, who would you want to have with you and what would you choose to eat?

"I would say my grandma, who passed away when I was young. I wish I could have a meal, sit with her, and just talk to her as my adult self. We would eat buffet food at a Las Vegas buffet since there are so many options. LOL"

Violet Myers with Chris Diamond's cock

What else is coming up for you? What should your fans be on the lookout for?

"They should expect more mainstream ventures, more YouTube content, and hopefully more mainstream adult content."

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thanks for your support!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Deeper, other than what is from Myers' YouTube channel.

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