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Getting to know Miss Fleshbot International September 2023 Tommie Jo


Getting to know Miss Fleshbot International September 2023 Tommie Jo

In honor of her reign as Miss Fleshbot International, I thought getting to know Tommie Jo a bit better might be fun. Born in London, and brought up in Essex. Tommie Jo said that growing up, she wanted to be a dance teacher. But eventually got into modeling. Actually, she started modeling at the age of 13 and did her first glamour shoot, (as they call sexy modeling in the UK) when she was 19.

Tommie Jo's allure is nothing short of hypnotic, lighting up the pages of countless magazines, so numerous that even her most ardent admirers could lose track. But of all her stunning achievements, her enduring collaboration with Playboy shines the brightest. This dazzling diva graced multiple Playboy covers and clinched the prestigious title of a Playboy Playmate with the iconic cover of the Playboy Spanish Edition in April 2018. And, just when the world thought she'd reached the pinnacle, she mesmerized again with a spellbinding cover for Playboy New Zealand in September 2019.

Tommie Jo on the Cover

Photo Credit: Playboy

In 2009, Tommie Jo made the leap to hardcore for Bluebird Films, where she starred in a handful of films, including her boy/girl debut (Dress for Dinner).

Her most popular, however, wouldn't be released for years. It's the Harry Potter parody called Harry Pornter, where Tommie Jo plays the character of one the naughty wizards at the academy who are always up to no good and tend to lead poor Harry Pornter astray (Harry being played by Paul Chaplin).

Tommie Jo in Harry Pornter

Following Bluebird Films' closure, she metamorphosed into a prolific content creator, dedicating her talents to her thriving OnlyFans community (@tommiejobabe) where she remains one of the top earners on the platform!

Tommie Jo OnlyFans

Photo Credit: Tommie Jo's OnlyFans

In the US, she's the radiant beauty who's taken center stage in Playboy and Maxim. But across the Atlantic in the UK, she's nothing short of a sensation, regularly splashed across the pages of The Daily Sport and The Sun—two of Britain's most voraciously consumed daily tabloids.

To grasp the magnitude of her impact in the UK, consider this: The Sun doesn't just command attention—it monopolizes it, boasting the highest global circulation of any daily English-language newspaper. Its staggering daily readership exceeds 7.8 million, easily eclipsing the likes of The New York Times by more than a two-to-one ratio. To be a recurring feature in such a juggernaut is nothing short of iconic.

So, while she may be "the pretty girl" in American magazines, she's an unmissable phenomenon in the UK.

Tommie Jo Quick Facts:

  • Twitter: @tommiejobabe
  • OnlyFans: @tommiejobabe
  • Birthday: October 31, 1986
  • Astrological Sign: Scorpio
  • Born during the year of the Boar
  • Born in: London, England
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches tall

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know a little more about our Miss Fleshbot International for September.


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