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Alice Wild Has Fun With Sneaky College Glory Holes


Blonde Pupil Finds A Big Cock In The Wall

Miss Alice Wild gets ratted out by a tattletale in class for finding a "Sneaky College Glory Hole" but that only makes her professor Danny D more curious as to how he can e-rectify the situation! He goes around the other side and tells the student Chris Cobalt to get the heck out of there but then is thinking to himself what would happen if he puts his giant schlong through the hole? As he peeks through he can see Alice and decides to give it a go. Alice is a horny little slut and there's no cock she won't try. So she immediately puts it in her mouth and starts sucking on it like it's her mealtime. The other students can't believe it and walk out giving them complete privacy. Danny D walks back around into the door back in the classroom and gets Miss Alice right back on her knees slurping and sucking him down.


miss alice wild sucks professor danny d's big cock

As soon as she's got his cock hard and wet, he bends his sexy student over the desk. Pulling her pink panties down he grabs her back and starts slamming her from behind. Miss Alice holds on to the desk as she gets pounded and she's learning a very valuable lesson here. If she wants to utilize a glory hole in Danny D's class, she's going to have to include her professor. She slips off her shoes and puts her leg up on the desk so he can get the perfect angle. Taking a break to taste that wet pussy Danny then slides his meat back inside of her missionary style as she lies on the her back. The professor is really putting on a pace here and this is all something that just started with a sneaky college glory hole. Now it's a full-fledged fuck session with this slutty ass student Miss Alice.

miss alice wild gets fucked missionary by danny d on the desk

Professor Danny D then sits in his chair and lets Alice get on top of him and now he's got her bopping up and down on his bat-sized cock. It's a good thing those other students left otherwise they'd have to still be utilizing the sneaky college glory hole, which wouldn't be an entirely terrible thing. But this is much more fun as they can just let loose and give each other the business. Or, shall I say give each other a lesson in fucking! Professor has many different techniques that he likes to try and he motions for Alice to get on the chair and bend over as she gets pumped from behind while he slams her balls deep. It's starting to feel so damn good that neither one of them can take it much longer. Alice is getting so loud moaning in the classroom and Danny's just about near his limit. Fucking her at a rapid pace, he holds on to her by the neck and small of her back until he finally pulls out and shoots his massive load of cum all over her face. It looks like Miss Alice will actually be getting an A this semester!

professor danny d fucks miss alice wild in the chair from behind

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