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Mechanic Abigaiil Morris Teaches Theodora Day About the “Cliterator”


Mechanic Abigaiil Morris lifts Theodora Day at Twistys

Mechanic Abigaiil Morris has a way for Theodora Day to earn her services!

Mechanic Abigaiil Morris is a bad-ass bitch in a man's profession in this scene at Twistys. This redhead is no man with her huge tits and thick ass but she sure knows how to put the moves on a princess and make her motor run. Watch as the glamazon lesbian offers Theodora Day free service on her car and her pussy by clicking here!

Theodora Day is feminine and dainty in pink and pigtails. The raven-haired beauty is sent to pick up her car and promptly told that her "cliterator is busted." Theodora doesn't know what that is, but it sounds bad. Nobody wants a busted cliterator! Abigaiil gets Theodora to slide under the vehicle but she doesn't know what she is looking at. Abigaiil sure does as she checks out the cute panties under Theodora's dress. She shows Theodora more issues under the hood as she looks under Theodora's hood, but all the brunette cares about is getting it fixed. With a giggle and a rasp, Theodora just decides to pay her but Abigaiil is up to exchanging her services for something sexier. The mechanic manhandles or womanhandles the delicate princess, making her forget all about her boyfriend.  As they lean up against the car, tit to tit, Theodora melts under the mechanic's touch. When she unleashes the massive mammaries on Abigaiil, Theodora is so excited to play with them, lifting and sucking the hefty beauties before kissing her pierced nipples. Abigaiil turns the girly girl around to hike a leg up so she can eat her pussy.


Abigaiil Morris rides Theodora's face at Twistys

When Abigaiil tells Theodora to take her turn and do some licking, Theodora is all too happy to. She is not a newbie with girls and it shows, she loves getting on her hands and knees and diving into the mechanic's twat. Abigaiil takes control and tells the eager girl not to stop. She is not afraid to tell her just how she likes it, making her give her the speed and tempo and fingering that she needs to make her car services worth it. Theodora puts her whole body into making the mechanic cum. Abigaiil loves using her customer and rides her face while Theodora is halfway under the car naked. That thick ass on the mechanic is squeezable and juicy and Theodora uses it to pull her pussy deep on her tongue as they roll together. While she's down there, she might as well be fed some giant tits but Abigaiil is not done playing with her new toy. Theodora loves the way the bodacious lesbian orders her around and takes control and it's extra hot when Abigaiil lifts her to put her on the hood of the car to eat her pussy. Now this is a pin-up pose as Theodora lounges looking hot while the big tit mechanic fingers and licks with her tits dangling. She cums and quivers but Abigaiil wants her to "cum again." She just keeps on doing the real cliterator work that she is good at! A woman knows what a woman likes and Theodora tells the mechanic that she is better than her boyfriend at eating pussy. More face sitting and pussy eating occur on the garage floor as Theodora climbs on for lesbian 69. You have to see Theodora wiggle and ride that face and grind making Abigaiil's tits shake as she cums! Abigaiil knows what else they can do so that they both can cum and they wrap up in a scissor and mash clams until both cliterators are grinding gears in a good way. They cum together and bask in their juices mixing as they kiss. "Was that enough to pay for all of those fake car parts you came up with?" They laugh about the deception but Theodora is going to come back so the mechanic can get to more stuff under her hood!

Abigaiil Morris and Theodora Day scissor at Twistys

I love seeing a lady mechanic! Especially when she is tall and buxom and bad-ass like Abigaiil Morris. This redhead is a thick queen with the body and the attitude to let anyone under their hood. Theodora Day is fun and sassy playing a dumb princess and I love her lilts and how she opens her eyes so wide! They play well in a fun set under and over the car. Servicing your mechanic has never looked so good! Click here now to watch!



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