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Molly Little and Madison Wilde Help Addis Fouche Get Some Experience


Molly Little and Madison Wilde initiate Addis Fouche into hot sex with help from a boy and his cock

Molly Little, Madison Wilde, and Addis Fouche are college girls trying to pledge to a cool sorority at BFFS at TeamSkeet. They have to pay their dues so they have to get the house clean while everyone is out partying. While they get ready, they have their own slumber party of girl talk and cute onesie pajamas. Molly documents the whole thing as they talk about who they have hooked up with. Molly and Madison have already worked their way through some of the hottest guys in school, but Addis has not gone that far. Addis is hot with her cocoa skin and braids, taller than the other two with a sassy smile and septum ring. She promises them that she isn't a prude, she just hasn't had the opportunity to get into all the sex stuff. Molly and Madison don't want the sorority to think that they are all prudes and weirdos if they are associated with the goody two shoes so they think they should do some experimenting to help Addis out.


Molly eats Addis from behind at BFFS

The girls start with kissing, Addis has done that, just not much else. She hasn't even done sexy pics so they have to show her how to entice with some cleavage and booty flashes from the butt flap of their onesies. They film her sexual awakening, and she seems very willing to learn. When Molly cuts the crotch off Addis' onesie, you know that things are getting serious. The first step to "de-virginize" her, is to show her what it feels like to be eaten out. Molly eats her from behind and Addis loves it! As Madison films, she sees in the corner that someone is spying on them. Jimmy Michaels is excited to see what girls do when left to their own devices. This nerd should not be creeping and they want to report him. After chastising him, they decide that they can have fun with him instead. They make the perv strip off his pants and dance with his cock out. "You know what? I think we're going to use you. You're going to be our human dildo," Madison says. They decide that Addis will get the full education that every college girl needs.

Molly Little, Madison Wilde, Addis Fouche foursome at BFFS

The trio kneels in front of the white boy as Molly gives dick-sucking lessons to Addis. Addis is eager, and Jimmy is happy. Addis learns quickly, but she can't hog it because Madison needs a turn, too. They decide to lick him as a trio like an ice cream cone. Now, this is diversity with a white, brown, and black girl joining together to share some cock. They capture it all on camera, between one girl or the other taking the camera to offer commentary as they play. Molly wants them to move to fucking, so she tells the other beauties to get naked so the real party can start. Molly directs them, especially Addis, making their college porno. After Addis sucks Jimmy, Madison sits on it with Addis watching closely to see how it's done. Molly puts the camera down to sit on Jimmy's face. This foursome is a nerdy boy's dream! Addis grabs the camera to see how Madison rolls, she worries that she won't be so good but loves to see the other two using Jimmy like that. Addis isn't ready to take that dick until she sees Molly ride it. Madison and Molly switch spots, and Addis just gets close to cradle Madison on Jimmy's face. Jimmy is surrounded by pussy, and there are no complaints. After Molly takes a raucous ride, it's time for Addis to officially be de-virginized. The newbie waits on her side with her ass bent out for Jimmy to slide it in her pussy on the angle. A cherry popping has never been so easy as Addis loves it from the get-to and watches him pound her as he grabs her hip and gets low. Addis cums, and tells him it's so good for her "first dick ever." "Jimmy, you're the luckiest guy on campus!" Molly quips. Jimmy needs a breather from all the stimulation so they pause the camera but he comes back for more. Addis rides him on the floor in reverse, showing her bulbous ass as the other girls play with their pussies on either side of them.  The foursome gets more involved with a doggy train of Addis getting licked by Molly while she gets fucked by Jimmy. Madison mans the camera between self-stimulating near the action. Madison taps in to be the middle piece while Molly films. She wants Jimmy to take over the camera so he can get the POV shot of himself draining his cum all over all three faces! The load is pretty lackluster, but the biggest shot of cream at least was given to Addis. They explain that he will be used much more and he better not say a word! I wonder who the video is for then if they don't want anyone to know? Memories of a cherry poppin' foursome I guess.

Trio shares cum at BFFS

Molly Little is always a good ringleader. She is articulate and engaging and always so convincing. Madison Wilde is a sexy Latina with long hair and cute dimples, ready to be helpful but not steal the spotlight. Addis Fouche is a chocolate hottie with a stellar smile and hot ass. All three are natural beauties with tight bodies and all of their own parts. I love this trio! They are diverse and colorful like their onesies, making sure every taste is represented. Watch them go all out to give a lifetime worth of sexperience in one big lesson! This is fun and what most of us wish we experienced in college! Click here now to watch!



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