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TOTM Kylie Page Becomes Queenie Sateen’s Treat


Kylie Page gets pounced on by Queenie Sateen at Twistys

Kylie Page's planned hook-up takes a turn to a lesbian tryst with Queenie Sateen

Kylie Page is June's Treat of the Month at Twistys, and a treat she is. Kylie is platinum blonde with juicy curves and a doll face. The curvy goddess lined up a hook-up and was ready to come over to a lucky dude's pad for some "sexy time." Unfortunately for her, the dude is a dud. The awkward chap is a gamer, and just got enthralled with a new game; so much so that he doesn't notice that a hot chick came over to fuck. Kylie is a good sport and even offers to play but the dude is rude, and only is on a one-player setting. Kylie even spills out her massive jugs, and he is indifferent. Queenie Sateen lives with the awkward guy and we see her tan body showering before she comes out in her towel. Queenie can't believe that her roommate is ignoring such a babe, and teases her to come play with her instead. The ladies flash each other and show some juicy titties that are begging to be pressed together. Kylie follows the sexy Queenie, but she's unsure and insecure about being with a woman. Queenie makes her comfortable and offers to be the one to get Kylie cumming.  The lesbian temptation is too much and Kylie is game to play. Kylie Page has some big, beautiful, tits, and Queenie gives them the attention that they deserve.

Kylie Page and Queenie Sateen scissor at Twistys

Queenie Sateen is not afraid to take control and make the curvy sexpot feel desired. Both ladies get naked and make out, licking nipples and swapping spit. Kylie is so turned on by Queenie's helping hands on her pussy and knows that her pussy will only feel better mashed with Queenie's. The ladies scissor and hump and Queenie can't believe that this is Kylie's first time.  All of Kylie's soft flesh curves and jiggles as she smashes clams until they both cum.

Queenie eats Kylie's pussy at Twistys

Kylie is getting the hot hook-up that she never knew she wanted. Queenie has Kylie pull back her thick thighs so that she can give her clit the tongue action of her dreams. Queenie knows how to eat pussy, and Kylie holds her ankles and watches enraptured as the sexy lesbian licks her to completion. "My turn," Kylie chirps. Queenie climbs over and gets herself on Kylie's squishy tits and bucks at her face! Queenie is looking fit, and her abs are working it as she grinds her pussy all over Kylie's tongue. Kylie continues to get worshipped like the goddess she is, and leans cradled in Queenie's arms and gets masturbated and cuddled in a way that gamer boy could never. Queenie finger fucks the hell out of Kylie, making her pussy slosh with wetness. "You made me squirt so fucking hard!" Kylie says, and wants to give Queenie extra love. They get into lesbian 69, with Queenie on top. They both go for it, but Kylie wants to attack Queenie's asshole, and gives her a rimming and a tongue fuck that makes that pucker hole wink. The ladies lick it so good and look so good. I love when Queenie sits up on Kylie's face and gyrates and smothers her as she gets off. The orgasms keep cumming and I love to see it. These hotties are pleasers and look great doing it. "I'm having so much fun with you," Kylie says. The dude she came to see is definitely not worth the trouble, but at least someone in that place is worth getting with!

Kylie cradles in Queenie's lap at Twistys

Kylie Page and Queenie Sateen offer a smorgasbord of tits and ass. Kylie is so soft and feminine with her exaggerated curves. Queenie is tan and toned with a firm ass, and natural tits that drop and sway as nature intended. They both are yummy treats with yummy twats and make sure that everyone is pleasured to perfection. Watch and enjoy the bombshell Treat of the Month get treated to more cunnilingus and orgasms than the gamer guy ever could give! Click here now to watch!


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