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Sex Therapist Zoe Grey Helps Avery Jane and Her Hubby Save Their Marriage


A sex therapist teaches a couple how masturbation can lead to better sex

Zoe Grey is a sex therapist who has some tricks to show Avery Jane and Jordi El Nino Polla. In Masturbation Saves a Marriage at Brazzers, Avery and Jordi don't know what they have signed up for. Zoe Grey is a sexy lady with big tits who is sexually open and voracious. She starts by demonstrating some cock sucking on a dildo and playing with a fleshlight on it. Avery and Jordi seem to be shocked at the display and can't believe the way the horny lady unapologetically goes to town with those sex toys. Fucking her throat and rubbing her massive tits, the sex therapist puts on quite a show for the married couple. Inviting the couple to get in touch with their own pleasure, she invites them to practice solo masturbation. Avery is shocked at the suggestion that they masturbate for her. "Don't be shy. I'm here to fix your sex life and a good sex life starts with solo masturbation." Avery tells her that that is something that they do not do, but Jordi is willing to try. I'm sure he has indulged in self-love, because he grips and strokes it eagerly as Zoe watches. Avery may be new to the idea of self-pleasure and giggles shyly while watching her hubby enjoy his own cock. Avery is thick and juicy in her dress, spilling some cleavage despite her demure attitude. When invited to rub her pussy, she sits on the table and opens up, and strums happily. Touching yourself isn't so bad and she enjoys the pleasure she has been missing by not stimulating her happy place.

Avery and Jordi masturbate with some help from Zoe at Brazzers

Jordi is enticed and inspired by the hot sex therapist and when she flashes her pussy and gets both tits out, he can't help but go and kiss her nipples as he strokes. Offering Jordi the fleshlight, he enjoys the squishy grip on his cock. Zoe wants to fill Avery with that big dildo that she sucked all over and gets it lubed up to put in her pierced snatch. Sex play is more fun than they thought, and Avery is not feeling prudish anymore. She helps Jordi stroke him with the toy, while Zoe helps her gag on the toy straight from her pussy. Jordi gets his wife's juicy pierced tits out of her dress and fucks the toy in her hand, while Zoe helps Avery with the dildo while she rubs herself. Avery is feeling inspired now and wants to suck Jordi with Zoe's encouragement. After taking a taste, she asks, "Can you show me how you suck cock? I wanna see." With a sensual touch and teasing licks, Zoe teaches how to properly warm him up and entice him properly before going fast and gagging on it. After letting Avery take another turn, and then sharing some licks, they really are feeling sexy now and Zoe thinks they are ready to move on from masturbation and foreplay.

Jordi fucks Avery while Zoe gags her at Brazzers

Jordi is excited and feeling happy now. Getting to fuck his wife with the assistance of a sexy helper is a dream come true. The silly guy spanks the ladies and enjoys getting into Avery's pussy. The threesome gets enthusiastic with help from the toys and the jolly husband. Jordi excitedly gets up on a chair to let his sex therapist suck his dick out of his wife and then goes back to pounding. Of course, the sex therapist has to take a turn getting fucked to know how it really feels in case he needs improvement. Zoe loves the teamwork and encouragement from Avery as she helps her husband get naked and gives the sex therapist a good fuck. Zoe encourages Jordi to fuck his wife in a new position, and he happily slams against Avery's fat ass in doggy. Avery tells Zoe that Jordi is better already. The ladies reach and help the other out as they trade places with cock. Avery and Jordi are playful and fun and play off each other well, showing their joy and blowing kisses happily while the threesome continues. Riding is definitely a skill of technique and endurance, so Zoe wants to see how they do. Avery is eager to get on and lubes up to squat down. Jordi asks if the sex therapist wants to take notes and she does decide to make some jots before going back to being involved. Some cumming and kissing commences before Zoe takes a turn showing how she does the cowgirl on the table. Zoe's ass and thighs look awesome jiggling on his lap and Avery makes sure to get a close view to learn some things. The sex therapist wants to finish up and see what kind of load Jordi can procure. He gets his pasty body down happily to enjoy the tag team BJ from these hot ladies. Zoe speedily jerks Jordi towards Avery's face, until he takes over to shoot into both mouths. Good sex leads to good loads. The couple smile big as they dress and leave the office of their awesome sex therapist. Their marriage is rejuvenated, but things can only get better so the sex therapist marks them down for another appointment next week.

Zoe Grey rides while touching Avery's pussy at Brazzers

Zoe Grey is a sexy cougar. I love her accent and her body. She has a hot face and looks extra tempting in glasses with her hair pulled back. Avery Jane is happy and fun. She has juicy curves and an engaging smile. She is very playful and had a good time with Jordi, which made the scene extra fun to watch. This threesome is a good time. They fuck good and look hot, but it's still silly and playful. You have to watch this! Click here now to enjoy!


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