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Throwback Thursday: Vanessa Sky And Nia Nacci Were Lesbian Summer Camp Bunkmates


Camp is way more fun when you’re a grown-up……….

Vanessa Sky and Nia Nacci kissing

Greetings Fleshbot fans! An apocalyptic smoke haze may be blanketing my part of the world, but it’s still summer, still Pride month, and Pat Robertson has kicked the bucket. It’s an okay day. I never did sleepaway camp as a kid though I watched plenty of the classic movies like the Meatballs saga, Heavyweights (Ben Stiller doing Derek Zoolander before Zoolander!), and even the short-lived teen drama series Huge about fat camp starring a young Harvey Guillen. I went to kinky summer camp as an adult and there’s lots of summer camps for adults, both kinky and vanilla popping up. This inspired today’s Throwback Thursday pick from WebYoung by Girlsway (available at Adult Time), released back in 2020.

Nia Nacci seduces Vanessa Sky
In this scene, Nia Nacci and Vanessa Sky are college girls checking into camp Les Be Friends. The counselor brings Vanessa into the plushest looking camp cabin I’ve ever seen and introduces the camp newbie to returning camper Nia and tells her that she’d like her to show Vanessa the lay of the land, as it were. Vanessa goes for the top bunk but the counselor tells them it’s broken (lots of bed-busting lesbo sex going on here?) and they’ll need to double up on the bottom for the night and that orientation is in an hour.

Vanessa Sky sucks Nia Nacci's nipple
I think these girls are working on their own orientation, as it were. The two girls make a bit of small talk about their lives and Nia tells her how nice the camp has been for her to meet other lesbians. Nia tells her she’ll be… snatched up… in no time. Yep, apparently everyone gets a camp girlfriend at this place. Super fun. Vanessa’s pretty shy about this because she’s a virgin but Nia reassures her and begins rubbing her shoulders to comfort her and release some tension. Pretty sure they are snuggled in that bottom bunk smooching and stripping to the waist, because boobs are awesome.

Nia Nacci and Vanessa Sky in a 69
Vanessa manages to lose all of her clothes except her pink panties and Nia’s going for those next, giving her an excellent first experience at receiving fingering and cunnilingus putting her face right in there under Vanessa’s trimmed dark pubes. Nia slides her nimble and well manicured fingers into her bunkmate’s twat and even licks them afterwards. She loses her own shorts to give Vanessa a front row seat to her first encounter with lesbian pussy and a 69, which I think honestly is a position best enjoyed by two vagina-bearers. The two enjoy a little side by side jilling off and sharing of fantasies to end the scene, but I can tell it’s going to be a wonderful summer for these two. Go check it out!

Nia Nacci and Vanessa Sky

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