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Britt Blair and Zerella Skies Stop Sleeping to Stay Up and Make Love


Nighttime Is The Right Time for Their Love

Hot blonde Britt Blair is tossing and turning in bed with her lovely girlfriend Zerella Skies in bed beside her in their brand new scene together over at Adult Time's Kiss Me/Fuck Me channel directed by Stella Smut. Blair's disruptive motion makes Skies check in with her sweetie in the dark to ask her if she is doing OK. Blair tells Skies that she is fine but the tossing and turning does not stop so Skies checks in with Blair again, this time directly asking what is wrong. Blair claims that everything is fine and that she is just trying to fall asleep but Skies is not buying that one bit. They try to go back to sleep but Blair's fitful movements continue so Skies turns the lights on to try yet again to get Blair to open up to her. Blair admits to having work stress and Skies knows that Blair constantly has work stress but Skies is convinced that something else is going on, too. Blair finally comes around and tells Skies that she knows that it is too soon to tell her that she loves her but she really, really does.

Brace-faced beauty Skies tells anxious Blair that she loves her as well.  They kiss each other a whole bunch to confirm their mutual feelings with their bodies. Skies tells Blair that she is glad that they finally can tell each other that they love each other and they get their now-heated bodies out from underneath the covers. They kiss and caress each other for a bit before Skies asks Blair to undress for her. Skies lovingly worships Blair firm rack with her tongue. Blair happily returns that favor and asks Skies to get out of her pajama shorts so she can get to enjoying her pussy. They take time to savor each other's hot bodies and touch each other's soft skin. Skies puts her hair up into a clip to keep it out of the way while she uses her tongue on her true love's clit. Skies loves the hell out of making her girlfriend cum on her fingers and her mouth. Blair puts herself at eye level with her girlfriend's bush when she takes her turn at licking and rubbing Skies. Go watch these young lovebirds get each other off!

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