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Alexa Kiss Is A Ho With a Hose


Alexa Kiss wants to play with her stepdaddy's hose

Alexa Kiss loves to torment her stepdad in this scene at My Family Pies. She's always sitting around wearing next to nothing and Mark Wood does not think she should dress like that. Her mother is gone and he must be afraid of the temptation because a girl has to be comfy at her own house. The pretty girl with the long hair is barely an adult but she's enough of one to know that she can wear what she wants. Mark comes in and asks Alexa for some help. He needs her to pick up a garden hose; but being Gen Z, she doesn't like to browse and shop, she wants to order it online for pick-up. Her stepdad doesn't understand why everything needs to be done on electronics when you can just shoot on over to the store and grab it.  She shows him how to be efficient and types it into the search bar, only she types in "hoes" instead of "hose." Imagine his surprise when porn comes up and all the nasty noises. Alexa admires the hose on the screen and teases her stepdad, making him squirm with the innuendos.  Grazing his snake with her hose, she notices that he's hard and teases him about his sex life with her mom. The mischievous babe asks to suck it and he doesn't balk long before taking her up on it.

Alexa Kiss sucks Mark Wood at My Family Pies

Alexa Kiss is a naughty minx, and takes out her stepdad's cock and enjoys seeing how hard he is for her. She licks it with gusto and then puts on a show masturbating until he is probably invested in fucking his nubile stepdaughter. She shows what she can do on a dick and works Daddy good with happy bounces and fast grinds.  Inviting her to suck her juice off him, he insists she give him those eyes as he sucks it. Stepdad has been holding back nasty thoughts and he finally gets to enjoy the real-life view as she sucks his dick.  She for sure wants that cock back in her pussy and bends over so he can give her the pounding she craves. Her ass looks fine hiked up and ready and Mark grips her tight as he shows her that he's not uptight after all.

Alexa Kiss takes stepdad for a ride at My Family Pies

Mark loves the hell out of his stepdaughter's tight pussy. He invites her to sit on him in reverse and gets her squealing as he rubs her clit to climax. She is light and flying as he boosts her fills her with his cock.  Sucking her pointed nipples, he admires the lass as she shows him how she throws it back on him and puts her whole body into fucking and getting fucked. Mark wants to cuddle and spoon with his stepdaughter and not in a chaste way. They lie down together and she holds open for him to drill her pussy from behind. This little hoe loves to play with Daddy's hose. "Fill me up, Daddy!" she calls as he fucks her until drainage.  He delivers a wet and juicy creampie right in his stepdaughter's slot. As it drips down, Mark stuffs the pool of cum back inside.

Alexa Kiss and Mark Wood spoon fuck at My Family Pies

Alexa Kiss is an expert with mischievous flirtation. She tosses that hair and bats those eyes, knowing just how to get what she wants. Making a man squirm is what she does best and this cutie wasted no time getting her stepdad in her clutches. Enjoy her slutty antics as she shows her stepdad what she knows about hoes! Click here or the banner below to watch!

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