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Athena Anderson and Hubby Welcome Step Niece Blair Hudson to the Family


Legal Teen Runs Away from Home and Into Relative Sin.

The first question TeamSkeet’s concerned step-aunt asks of her distressed step-niece is “Why’d you run away from your parents’?” The first question I have at the beginning of this Family Strokes episode is how a person of legal age runs away from their parent’s home in the first place. Isn’t that called growing up and moving out? Whatever we may call it, the young lady in question calls it being “Finally Free.”

As she explains it to her step-aunt, Athena Anderson, with parents so conservative that Blair Hudson can’t even wear a crop top, she’s had it. Since she’s sitting on Athena’s couch wearing cut-offs and a crop cami I can only assume there must have been a mix-up during wardrobe. Speaking of wardrobe, after it’s been agreed that Blair is suffering the torments of hell in her current environment and should move in with Athena and her husband, step-aunt gently announces that they are a nudist household and very “freeusey,” whatever that means.

Athena Anderson and Donnie Rock make step niece Blair Hudson comfortable.

Blair accepts these conditions with surprising ease, which means Athena can drop her sundress on the floor and continue their conversation in comfort. Then step-uncle Donnie Rock saunters into the living room sporting a big smile and erection. Apparently, his psychic abilities let him know it was all right to be naked in front of Blair. Sometimes you just have a sense of these things. “We’re going to have fun with you,” Donnie assures his relative of undetermined connection by blood or marriage.

The fun begins in short order, with Blair taking one of those porn showers where her hair is up and never gets wet. The shower is huge and soon she and her natural breasts are joined by Donnie and his ever-present erection. He soaps up her back, casually asks about her plans for the day, and slips his cock between her upper thighs. He moves onto her boobs and emerges from the water after Athena checks in on them to say she’s leaving for a bit.

Step niece Blair Hudson takes hold of Donnie Rock's cock for Family Strokes.

Now that Blair and Donnie are nice and clean, it’s time for them to get down and dirty. While Donnie sits naked on the couch holding his work laptop, Blair sits next to him and looks longingly at his dick, which is still at attention. “You know, you can touch it, right? Any time,” Donnie informs her. “You like it? Good. This is going to work out fine having you around.”

With that all out in the open, Blair leans forward and strokes Donnie’s cock while he continues to tap away on the keyboard. He finally takes a break long enough to promise that she doesn’t have to ask to suck him. Fellatio now fully sanctioned, Blair slowly and deliberately swallows his thick, long manhood deep. Deep enough that he decides to put his work aside and focus on her mouth.

Blair Hudson sucks step uncle Donnie Rock's big dick.

“Jump up on top,” he urges her after they exchange passionate kisses. She needs a moment to settle and adjust herself around his dick, but she manages and it’s obvious that it’s a snug but not unpleasant fit. Blair’s new inner-family intimacy with her uncle aside, Athena returns fully clothed and happy to see her husband and their step-niece getting to know one another so quickly. “She’s the best step-niece I could ask for,” Donnie tells his beautiful wife between thrusts.

Home and among family, Athena strips out of her dress, sits on a loveseat and masturbates; all the while watching what her husband and step-niece do with great interest. As she looks on, Blair shifts awkwardly into reverse, clearly experiencing a genuine challenge due to size. “Oh, my God. You’re so big. Fuck!” It’s a pretty picture. It’s also when Donnie decides to make sure she’s old enough to be having sex with anyone, let alone him.

Donnie Rock and Athena Anderson welcome Blair Hudson to the family with mouth and cock.

Thus reassured that he’s not breaking that particular law of God and man, the two move with difficulty into spoon and then into missionary, at which point Athena can no longer resist and crouches over Blair’s face to lick the girl’s pussy and assist her husband. The rest of the 36-minute scene is a tangle of semi-familial flesh with Donnie fucking Blair and then Athena and then Blair. The ladies, to their credit, are enthusiastic fans of one another’s hairless cunts and eat each other out quite happily.

Another thing the women discover they enjoy is sharing Donnie’s dick with their mouths. While Athena’s approach to cocksucking is loud, liquid, and full of gags and slurps; Blair is just as effective with less volume and saliva. Once his schlong is good and wet, Athena helps position Blair around her husband before settling herself into reverse on him with Blair’s help.

Athena Anderson, Donnie Rock, and Blair Hudson have a fauxcest threeway for Family Strokes.

Donnie is having the time of his life working his way back and forth between the two smooth twats, but the heat really reaches scorching when the women 69 while he keeps thrusting in and out of Blair. This is some good shit to watch and, if Blair is to be believed, it’s even better to be “Finally Free” to do.

After some lovely orgasms on Blair’s part, Athena takes a facial from her help meet and drools it into her step-niece’s mouth. “Welcome to our weird little family.”

Athena Anderson drools cum into Blair Hudson's mouth.

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