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Sophia Leone Showers with a Stranger Before They Shag on Naughty America


A Beautiful Latina with No Self-Preservation Scores Dick.

After a day of working out without breaking a sweat, what could be more fun for a beautiful Latina than going out with a girlfriend and cruising for men? In spite of plans made in advance, that’s not how girlfriend wants to play the game, so Naughty America presents us with another entry in its Perfect Fucking Strangers series. This time, a beautiful young woman with no date for the evening, not even a fellow chica, comforts herself by slipping her number to a stranger and then going home. From there, the “Bubble Butt Latina Sophia Leone showers before taking dick from a stranger.”

So, yeah. As the title suggests, this is the romantic tale of Sophia Leone noticing a guy she thinks is hot and sticking a note with her address under his windshield wiper. As one does when one is a gorgeous woman who lives alone in a mansion and wears gloriously tight leggings. Because that doesn’t tempt fate enough, she also leaves the front door unlocked while she’s naked in the shower.

Sexy Latina Sophia Leone leaves a note for stranger Ryan Mclane for Naughty America.

Since this is the land of consequence-free sex, her gamble pays off. Soon he lets himself into the huge house and finds her naked in the shower pressing her natural breasts together so we can better admire her brown nipples and areola. Her hair is up because why would a woman who just worked out want to wash her hair along with her body? While she splashes water on herself, Ryan Mclane stands in the doorway and sniffs a pair of her red lace panties.

Sophia eventually notices that her parking lot pick-up has arrived, although she doesn’t understand what took him so long. “Traffic,” he explains as he slips out of his clothing and joins her in the shower for embraces and kisses. Awww! They like each other! He likes her enough that he shuts off the shower water and begins to make his hands familiar with Sophia’s nudity, paying special attention to her breasts and pussy. She laughs in delight and says, “This is exactly what I wanted.”

Sophia Leone and Ryan Mclane take a shower for Naughty America.

To prove her enthusiasm, she kneels on the shower floor and begins to suck and gag on his erect cock. It’s a loud, slurpy blowjob with minimal handwork that proves she can take a lot of dick in one gulp. She’s certainly enthusiastic about fucking Ryan and gives him a quick titty fuck before he gets comfortable sitting on the shower’s built-in bench. He’s quite the gentleman. He helps her to her feet when she slips and then positions her on his dick in reverse with one of her fingers in her mouth and then her pussy.

The two strangers have a grand time with her bouncing and grinding on him while she holds her breasts and makes happy sex noises. There’s an entire large shower to pervert, so they get on their feet and explore the possibilities. First, she faces the shower wall with a foot up and a dick in her pussy from behind. Then they turn to face the glass wall while continuing their fornication.

Latina Sophia Leone sucks Ryan Mclane's cock in the shower.

You can only do so much in a shower due to size limitations and slip risks (see earlier example) so the newly met duo steps out onto the bathroom where Sophia can return to a kneeling position with a cock once more down her throat. Ryan has had enough of the oral sex, so he stands her up, gives her some kisses, and bends her over the bathroom counter for some doggy, whispering dirty things to her along the way.

Whether that happens or not is a topic for speculation since he promptly shifts himself slightly and she starts sounding less like she’s on the verge of orgasm. Maybe she came? Who knows. It’s sexy, though, especially when he holds her arm while she looks back at him. It’s inspirational stuff which may explain why the beautiful Latina finally gets a little dome herself. Ryan deposits her on the bathroom counter and dives between her legs with his face, which earns him many wheezing gasps.

Sexy Latina Sophia Leone gets dick on the bathroom counter from Ryan Mclane.

To prove how good her balance is, Sophia then takes dick in missionary on the counter. It looks kinda awkward, but it proves to be a good position for Sophia, who announces between intense gasps that she is on the verge of orgasm. I’m inclined to believe her because she gets very quiet for a moment as she processes the waves of sensation building in her groin.

Tired of standing, Ryan makes himself comfortable on the floor and Sophia slides over his erect member in cowgirl. The camera loves that and focuses on her gorgeous ass globes. As she rides him and grabs his chin between her fingers, he becomes increasingly responsive to her movements. He swears, his body tenses, and everything about him says he’d love to blast his load right then and there. But there are 37 minutes to this scene and we’re not done yet.

Latina Sophia Leone rides Ryan Mclane cowgirl for Naughty America.

“That is so fucking good,” Sophia pants. “Please don’t stop.”

So, he doesn’t stop. Instead, they move into a sitting position on the floor, with her grinding against his crotch. The two exchange many kisses and she coos her approval of his breast nuzzling. Because it’s a contractual position with an excellent view of the action parts, Sophia gets comfortable in reverse before kneeling beside Ryan and taking his cock into her mouth once again.

Sophia Leone is a sexy Latina spoon fucking Ryan Mclane in her bathroom.

As before, she noisily slurps and gags, sputters and catches her breath on his manhood. Then she gets to recline on her side and indulge in some spoon, which serves up a pretty picture for the libido. The amazing ass attached to Sophia gets maximum camera time when she kneels for doggy and faces a mirror while doing it. There’s no point in having a mirror in a porn scene if you’re not going to show the fucking reflected in it and this scene does not miss the opportunity. Sizzle.

While Sophia is shouting, “Yes! Yes,” Ryan pulls out of her pretty pussy. She turns to kneel for the pop shot. “Yeah, give it all to me,” she urges. And, because in Naughty America you give the customer what they want, Ryan shoots jizz across Sophia’s face until she has a cum Bindi streak between her eyes. Once satiated, the big questions can be asked. Like what the strangers' names are.

Sophia Leone takes Ryan Mclane's load on her face.

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