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Jessie Lee Teaches Codi Vore And Her Boyfriend With A Hands-On Fuckshop


Tatted MILF has her some cock and pussy in the same day!

Codi Vore and Spikey Dee play video games

As this new threesome scene for Brazzers lays its scene, Codi Vore and her guy friend Spikey Dee are nerds who are chilling playing a video game and trying to make each other lose by distracting each other and generally goofing off. Codi is playing keepaway with the controllers and climbs on top of Spikey and her luscious natural tits come tumbling out of her oversized gray shapeless hoodie which makes Mr. Happy, snuggled in a pair of his gray sweats, definitely sit up and notice. Codi’s older friend, Jessie Lee, a tattooed pinup hottie, takes her aside in the next room for a chat.

Jessie Lee fondles Codi Vore's tits
Jessie asks her point blank if she wants to fuck Spikey, but Codi explains that it would be her first time entirely, so Jessie is going to help show her the ropes of seduction. She begins by modeling kissing and gives Codi some hints that she should use more tongue. She says that the next step for Codi would be to let the guy go down on her so obviously she needs to each her how that feels. Jessie helps get rid of that shapeless hoodie and yanks down Codi’s leggings so her wet pussy can be free and accessible for licking.

Jessie Lee and Codi Vore mount spikey lee in a threesome
Jessie begins giving expert pleasure to Codi’s hairy twat while Codi sucks her own nipples and makes delightful sex noises. Since doors are physically incapable of locking in porn world, Jessie catches Spikey standing in the doorway and wanking as he watches the lady lovin’, er…. go down, as it were, so he hides in another room and Jessie tosses him the pair of Codi’s discarded leggings. Jessie I guess decides she wants some cock and Spikey’s got a big boner ripe for the sucking and somehow they end up in a 69.

Jessie Lee and Codi Vore threesome with Spikey Dee
Codi comes into the room to see where Jessie’s gone and she’s momentarily annoyed that Jessie is with Spikey but then they decide to make it a party for three as most people do in these movies. Codi mounts in cowgirl which allows Jessie to play with her magnificent knockers as she gets eaten by Spikey. The boob appreciation is mutual as Codi loves on Jessie’s tattoo-enhanced heart-shaped nipples. When it’s time for Codi’s character’s first experience with PIV penetration, Jessie makes sure it’s fun and super hot after they practice cocksucking some more, sharing the dick between them.

Several fun positions happen including Jessie in doggy laying on top of Codi and being able to play with her tits the whole time. The girls make sure to give each other equal time and lots of clit rubbing as they continue to share the dick, ending with one happy college stud and two cum covered girls. Great threesome combo, definitely check it out!

Spikey Dee cums on Codi Vore and Jessie Lee

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