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The Don Juan XClusive: Retro Knock-Out


How do you do things “differently” in the world of adult films these days? Hell, how do you do things better than they have ever been done, in any form of entertainment in the digital age? Simple, you follow history’s blueprint. Or, should I say, it's a never ending trend that is the repetition of rinse and repeat.

Before we get into talk about Vanilla Beast, Retro Knock-Out and porn stars. We must first talk about what has come before us. Adult cinema was spawned by a great director named Gerard Damiano in this writer’s opinion. A man who was actually played by the late Burt Reynolds. Although Paul Thomas Anderson would tell you that there is no resemblance, and he never meant for there to be one. Very eerie how the same things can be said about the great video game designers who gave birth to our sister in arms, within the entertainment world.

History has a bad habit of snuffing out original ideas, and language that push the envelope of conventional society. Throughout the annals of time, it seems to always be done for conformity and profit. Before there was Star Wars, there was this massive idea called 2001. An idea that gave birth to nerds in space. Before there were slices of “cherry pie” on HBO. There was Larry Flynt's Go-Go Clubs. My point is, we are due for another cycle of greatness. All stemming from a modern world that is so deprived of original thought. It yearns for it at every avenue. This is where our story begins. With a developer who helped make some of the most widely known video game titles that the world has ever known. Now, he looks to do even more.

Retro Knockout. It is an independent video game built by love and artistry. Cooked up by a man’s drive to make his art, the way that he wants to make it. Isn’t that what everyone desires within the career they choose? Especially those who pick a profession that is a hobby, job, friend and lover. All wrapped into one. I think bold souls like Neil Herrin are the leaders of the digital age. People who are going to help the adult industry catapult itself back into the mainstream spotlight. They are artists who will usher in a new way that we all enjoy many forms of entertainment. Helping us to escape into these worlds with both Hollywood magic, and new school gumption.

His title is President, and Creative Director for the Vanilla Gaming Company. Showbiz The Adult, one of the most influential creators in the world of social media, podcasts, and smart televisions, calls him “the man.” We both know him as the Vanilla Beast himself, and that is not just due to the fact that he developed the character from scratch. Or this company. I have sat down with Neil on more than a few occasions to talk about what he is creating. Our discussions always end up heading down the same avenue. Great comedy, laughs, smiles and fun. Beautiful women, a consumer's right to choose, and an artist's God given right to create. I think so much of that is what drives this new video game. These are the things that make Vanilla Beast and Retro Knock-Out worthy of such a unique spotlight over here at XCritic.

No matter what era of entertainment. You will see three very distinct things occur, almost always. The Monday Night Wars in the world of professional wrestling. A battle won over by comedic dialogue, and scantily clad women who posed for Playboy. Need I say more? Okay, some of those amazing gals even made porn. God rest their souls. MS-DOS might be a foreign term to the modern generation learning the world of coding and creating. I hope not. But, what is not foreign to MS-DOS aficionados like myself and others. It is one the oldest forms of gaming. It was made infamous by a little game created by Al Lowe. One that required the player to prove his age everytime he powered the game on. It was always an adventure. Just like trying to buy booze with a fake ID. This game was driven by hilarious hijinks of the seventies. Digital design and animation that would have Hentai users of the digital age cracking a smile behind closed doors. I believe that is what this “Ace” has up his sleeve, and maybe up his hole. That is the only way that I can state it, dear readers, when I think about what it is that Retro Knock-Out has the potential to become in so many worlds. To so many fans.

The president of the company. He loves porn stars. Honestly, who doesn’t? I’ve rarely met anyone who has said no to that question in every circle that I have been privileged to run in over the years. His appreciation for who these ladies are can be seen within this massive project, and the lovely Nickey Huntsman. A ten year veteran performer. As well as an avid gamer, and five star actress. I was blown away, happy, exuberant and so many other things when I heard that Nickey was going to not only do voiceover work to help create the game, but she is also a character within the adventure itself. I sat down with this stunning starlet to get her take on the entire experience.

“Working with Neil on Retro Knock-out was one of the coolest experiences I've ever been a part of. Ever since I was a little kid, I always loved playing video games and watching cartoons. Only in my wildest dreams did I ever see myself doing voiceover work in a video game. I would have never thought that doing so would lead me to actually being a playable character, in a video game itself.” - Nickey Huntsman


See, porn stars do actually have fantasies. Contrary to what most critics of the industry would believe.  Nickey went on to say, …..

“Retro Knock-Out will play like a dream come true for the fans as well. I can just feel it. Getting to work with Vanilla Beast Games on this level has been a wonderful start to what I see as a solid friendship. As I look into the future, I think there will be many more projects to come from this company. Projects that are going to show fans what it is that we are capable of creating in both industries. With all these amazing people. Stay tuned everyone.” 

I couldn't have said it better than the 101 Modeling icon did. She and I have spent some time playing the game, and it is everything that you could expect it to be. It is something that will reach both old gamers and new. It is simple, yet it takes its toll on your wits. Like all great video games should. Now, even though we do not get to see Nickey Huntsman yet in the BETA version of the game that Neil is sharing with everyone, VIA Discord. In case you do not have it. Get your ass in gear and download the app. You will get to see her very, very soon, once the full game is released. Discord is the place where the gaming community comes together. They are sharing more than just their fantasies there, let me tell you. You can also find everything that you can think of Vanilla Beast over at Steam. Just follow any of the many links within the article.


The humor is off the fucking chain hilarious. The characters are cool, and vibrant. No matter what age your love is for the term “retro.” You will find your “niche” within Retro-Knockout. It has nostalgia for old fuckers like me. It has babes, big tits, and “South Park'' style toilet humor for people like Nickey Huntsman. All offered on a silver platter to the next generation of gamers with its app based wonders that connect you to a world that I hope is not forgotten. Especially since this man is trying to make his “baby” come to life with private funding, fan contributions, and investments from people who love all the same things that we do.

We are going to be doing more looks at companies and people like this in the future. Events and creations that look to go beyond even what an “X” rating is. For that is why the label was created in the first place. Movies like The Devil in Miss Jones. Video Games like Leisure Suit Larry. They are works of art that defied convention. Even still to this day. I think that is the path that Neil Harrin is on with his company, and this offering that he titled Retro-Knockout. It would not surprise me to see this game upon a major console network within a year’s time period. This is what happens when you do not give into temptation, and tread within places that angel’s fear to. What made me want to show this man’s art to the world. Was his passionate stance to not give into temptation, greed and acceptance. Neil had told me many times. He met with people who did not enjoy the fact that he was working with adult performers. Creating characters out of them, and showing off the fact that they have more skills that anyone thought they knew. I believe that to be the true heart and soul behind this company. Backing like this is what fans need to flock to in today’s world. This man’s page, site, server are all things worth discovering within the first Don Juan XClusive that pays tributes to things outside the box. Don Juan will tell you, it is people like Neil, and Vanilla Gaming, that change the world in times we least suspect it to happen. Now, get your ass over to Discord and start playing some games with some porn people. Why don’t ya? There is no excuse after today.



To help support this game, contribute here with PayPal: https://paypal.me/vanillagamingco?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US


To Help fund this game VIA CashApp, click here: https://cash.app/$VanillaGaming


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