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She Delivers


Genre: Feature, Storyline, Straight, Lesbian, Masturbation

Cast: Destiny Cruz, Sofi Ryan, Jamie Michelle, Eliza Eves, Emma Hix, Codey Steele, Robby Echo, Ryan McLane (Non-sex: Natasha Nice, Thrill)

Writer/Director: Kay Brandt

Release Date: Oct. 7, 2021

Length: 2 hrs. 53 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: 10 min. BTS, Bonus Scene, Photo Gallery, Previews, Web Info, Phone Sex Info

Overview: Destiny Cruz plays Mya, a newly divorced woman who's set to make her way in life as a successful caterer. Along the way we see the intimate details of her clients, from straight to lesbian couples, all clamoring to sample Mya's wares. Does she make it in the business world as a first-class caterer? And along the way she find the love she seeks to fill the empty spaces in her heart. We find out in this Kay Brandt melodrama.

Scene One: Destiny Cruz and Codey Steele

We open with a dream sequence of Destiny remembering the day her ex proposes to her. It's a wonderful day for Destiny as Codey pops the question on bended knee and Destiny excitedly says yes. After the title sequence, we go to the young couple's bedroom where they are passionately kissing. Codey lays Destiny on the bed and, pulling her panties to the side, starts licking her pussy. Destiny writhes with every lap and cums multiple times in Codey's mouth. Codey then strips off his clothes and sticks his already hard cock in Destiny's pussy, fucking her missionary. He laps her juices up once before fucking her again, giving her several more orgasms on Codey's cock. Codey then lays behind her and the couple starts spooning, kissing passionately as Codey works his cock inside Destiny's pussy. As his pounding quickens, he gives Destiny another toe-curling orgasm before pulling out so Destiny can suck her juices off of his cock. After thoroughly cleaning his cock with her mouth Destiny climbs up and starts riding Codey's cock.

I really liked the camera angle showing Destiny from the front as we see her ass sliding up and down Codey's cock in the mirror behind them. Destiny bounces and grinds on Codey's cock giving her more orgasms before getting on all fours and letting Codey fuck her doggy style. Grabbing her hips he pounds her pussy making her cum over and over before flipping her over and spooning her again. Codey pounds Destiny's pussy as she plays with her clit until she cums again before going onto his knees and fucking her missionary until he pulls out and cums on her tits.

Scene Two: Sofi Ryan and Robby Echo

We get a scene where Destiny meets with client Annie, played by Jamie Michelle, where they work out a catering gig in which Annie proposes to her fiance Chris (Eliza Eves). We then cut to Sofi Ryan and Robby Echo at their home. Robby tells Sofi he ordered dinner from Destiny and they start making out on the bed. They undress, Robby sucking on Sofi's tits until she's completely naked and starts playing with Sofi's pussy.

He fingers her and rubs her clit before going down on her, eating her pussy until she cums on his mouth. Robby then gets on his knees and Sofi starts sucking his cock. She licks his whole shaft and bobs her head on it getting it nice and rigid so she can sit on it. She lowers her pussy down on his cock taking it all the way down to the balls and bounces on it, her ass slapping against his hips as she rides him. After cumming on him in reverse cowgirl she spins around and rides him, regular cowgirl. He plunges his cock in and out of her pussy, his balls slapping her asshole as she moans in pleasure with each thrust. Sofi has multiple orgasms on Robby's cock which she sucks off with her mouth. She then lays back on the bed and Robby fucks her missionary while holding one of her legs in the air. Robby sucks on Sofi's toes as she cums on his cock again and again. Sofi then lays on her side and Robby spoons her from behind. She rubs her clit as Robby slides his cock in and out of her wet pussy giving her multiple orgasms. Sofi then gets on all fours and Robby fucks her doggy style, pounding her pussy to another screaming orgasm before Robby pulls out and shoots his load on her ass.

Scene Three: Destiny Cruz masturbation scene

After his fuck session with Sofi, Robby goes downstairs to meet with Destiny. As Robby gets to know Destiny's history they start to get a little flirty when all of a sudden the very giddy Sofi shows up all giggly and wearing one of Robby's shirts. She and Robby sit down and eat...and they eat...and they eat...and they eat, in a scene that is pointlessly too long. When Destiny makes it home she flops down on the bed and, only assuming she's fantasizing about Robby, she starts masturbating, rubbing her pussy as she squeezes her tits while smooth jazz plays in the background. And that's it.

The next day Destiny gets a knock on the door from Eliza, Jamie's fiance. She accuses Destiny of sleeping with Jamie when Destiny has to spill the beans on Jamie's visit yesterday. It was all to set up a catering gig for Jamie's proposal to Eliza. Later Destiny gets a call from Robby who tells her how much he and Sofi enjoyed the dinner. When they hang up Robby fantasizes about Destiny, imagining her stripping out of her caterer's uniform and in her pink underwear. Destiny then gets a phone call from her old high school friend Emma Hix. Emma highs her to cater a dinner party for her, and then from out of nowhere, we cut to a scene of Destiny taking a bath. Huh?

Scene Four: Jamie Michelle and Eliza Eves

That night at Jamie and Eliza's house Destiny arrives with the food when Eliza confesses she accused Destiny that morning of having an affair with Jamie, and how sorry she is for doing it. Everyone is cool with it and Destiny leaves them alone. Jamie then pops the question and after Eliza says yes they start making out. As they passionately kiss each other they begin to peel each other's clothes off, Jamie sucking on Eliza's pretty tits. Once Jamie's panties are off Eliza goes down on her, licking her pussy like she's painting the side of a barn. She then fingers Jamie's pussy while licking her clit bringing her to her first orgasm. Eliza then climbs up and starts scissoring her, tribbing and grinding on Jamie's pussy and making her cum again. Jamie then climbs up and sits on Eliza's face while Eliza masturbates, rubbing her pussy while Jamie dances on her tongue. Jamie then climbs off and starts licking Eliza's pussy until she cums.

Scene Five: Emma Hix and Ryan McLane:

At Emma's dinner party, Emma drags her boyfriend Ryan into a bedroom and they start making out, Ryan grabbing Emma's crotch under her little black dress. They go to the bed where they tear each other's clothes off before Ryan lays Emma down and starts eating her pussy. The master cunnilinguist he is, Ryan munches and devours Emma's sweet snatch sending her into ecstasy over and over again. After giving her one orgasm after another with his mouth he sticks his already hard cock in her pussy and fucks her missionary. His pounding cock makes her cum again and again, to which Emma sucks all of her juices off of his cock. She then climbs up and rides him cowgirl style, sliding her pussy up and down his cock, bouncing on it until she cums. She sucks all of her juices off again, choking on Ryan's cock.

She then climbs back up and rides him reverse cowgirl, grinding her pussy all the way balls deep on his cock. Ryan then fucks Emma from underneath, pounding her pussy until she cums again. Emma then lays back and Ryan spoons her, furiously fucking her from the side as Emma rubs her pussy making her cum over and over again. Ryan then bird dogs Emma, fucking her with her legs closed making her pussy nice and tight for Ryan's cock. Ryan then fucks her from behind as she lays on her belly, Emma's beautiful ass arched up for Ryan to fuck her and giving her one orgasm after another. She then lays back on her back and Ryan fucks her missionary, Emma begging for his cum until he pulls out and shoots his load on her belly.

Bonus Scene: “Lola And Maxi Get Off” starring Aidra Fox and Calvin Hardy

Final Thoughts: I'm going to go on record as saying that I simply have never been more disappointed with a title than this one. Kay Brandt has always been one of my favorite directors. She made such classics as "Cherry", "Babysitting The Baumgartners", "Naked" and "Fork'd".  For her to make such a mediocre film like this is beyond my comprehension. I'm all about stories of women shaking off the past and making it on their own in the world. But this film simply does not go anywhere. There's no punch or impact. What should have been a good success story about a newly divorced woman making her name in the world of big business amounts to nothing more than a hardcore Hallmark Movie Channel film. The acting is horrible, the dialogue is trifling and the filler scenes go on too long. Even the sex scenes, Emma and Ryan (a good scene from two of the best in the business) are just too “play-by-the-numbers” with very little energy. And don't even get me started on the ending, a plot twist that just leaves everything up in the air. The only saving grace is Sal Genoa's cinematography. He gives the picture a very light and colorful pallet. But unfortunately, that's not enough to save this film that I simply can not recommend.

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